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10 Things That Totally Suck At Virginia Tech

10 Things That Totally Suck At Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech has its ups and downs and we all know there are 10 things we all hate at Virginia Tech. Here are the 10 things that totally suck at VT.

Virginia Tech is my home away from home and I love being a Hokie with all of my heart but here are 10 things that every VT student knows they dread.

1. The lines at Turner Place

In my opinion, Turner is the best dining spot on campus but sometimes you have to wait 45 minutes for Qdoba during the lunch rush.

long ine


2. Running out of meal plan money

With the previously ranked number one dining on campus, it’s very easy to run out of meal plan money.

3. Those pesky parking tickets

With the ever-increasing number of incoming students, it’s easy to get a parking ticket when there’s never any spots.

4. That dreadful winter wind that you can’t escape while walking to class

(I’m looking at you drillfield)


5. Never ending construction

Having to take a detour on my route to my 8 A.M. class due to construction is not fun. 

6. UVA

We have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with our commonwealth rivals #hokieshaveheldthecommonwealthcupforhowmanydaysnow


7. Two factor authentication

Are there really people that want to steal my password so that they can do my online quizzes on canvas for me? 

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8. The Math empo

Whose idea was it to make math class even more dreadful?


9. Having to drive an hour to Roanoke to get to the best mall

Can we replace the new river valley mall in Christiansburg with the Valley View mall in Roanoke?


10. The housing crisis

When will they realize that before they keep accepting more freshman, they have to build more dorms? 

What are some other things that totally suck at Virginia Tech?! Let us know below.
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