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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At FIT

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At FIT

Going to FIT in NYC is the best. We're fashionable, fun and funny! Here are 10 things you'll never hear us students say at Fashion Institute of Technology.
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When I first decided on FIT, I knew I was in for a unique college experience. After all, this is the middle of Manhattan, not University Park. When I started hearing about how my friend’s college experiences were, I soon realized that students at FIT have absolutely no idea what it’s like to attend a, *clears throat,* “real college.” What is an “Athletes and Mathletes” mixer? Delta Chi? Is that a latte? If you’re heading to FIT this fall, keep reading to discover what you’ll NEVER hear us say.

1. “Let’s dage before the football game!”

Football season. Most college kids’ favorite time of year. Unless you go to FIT, of course. Football season is unheard of in this neighborhood. Dage? Darty? What is that? Our weekends in September are spent completing long days of volunteering at NYFW, not waking up at the crack of dawn to tailgate a 3:30 game against Ohio State. The closest we are at attending a football game is going to watch the SuperBowl at Bounce.

2. “We’re going to Kappa Sigma tonight.”

At FIT, you’ll never have the pleasure of attending a frat party, at all. Instead, your weekend plans include going to 1OAK because Scott Disick is making an appearance or hitting up McFadden’s because you won an open bar. If you’re looking to hit up the “Workout Bros and Yoga Hoes” party, sorry, but FIT isn’t the school for you.


3. “My next class is 15 minutes away from my dorm.”

One of the perks of attending FIT is that you will never be late for class due to travel. All of the dorms, except for Kaufman Hall for the upperclassmen, are directly across the street from the college. If you’re dreading your 8:10 a.m. Fashion Business Practices class on Thursday, don’t worry, you don’t have to wake up until 7:45.

4. “I’m not in the mood for Starbucks today.”

Ok, is this some type of sick joke? You will never see an FIT student without Starbucks in hand, especially because it’s a part of your meal plan. The line during the lunch rush is always a wreck so, here’s a tip, if you can’t get through your 12:10-3:00 Journalism class without your Venti Peach Green Tea Lemonade, make sure you get in line 15-20 minutes early.


5. “What’s the Style Shop? I’ve never been there.”

Yea, ok. The Style Shop is FIT’s student run boutique, located in the Dubinsky Lobby (A building). If you’re part of the Merchandising Society on campus, congratulations, you’re officially an employee! If you’re not, then there’s still no reason you shouldn’t know about it. Make sure you hit up the end of the year sale!

6. “I want to go to Lavo tonight but I don’t know any promoters.”

We can all admit, before we started at FIT, we really didn’t know any promoters, but that was just a time in the past. By the time you finish your first semester, you’ll have a list of your top 5 favorite promoters and their schedules memorized. Your friends at different schools think how the nightlife works in NYC is crazy, but come on, what else are you supposed to do if you want to see Steve Aoki perform at Marquee for free?

7. “We haven’t had any fire drills all year long.”

You wish! Regardless of where you are on campus, you will most definitely experience a fire drill at least 3 times a semester, especially during finals week or in the middle of a snow storm. Working out at the gym in the basement of Dubinsky? Not for long. Trying to get rest before your 9:10 Art History exam? Good luck on that one!


8. “I think I’m just gonna skip class tomorrow. I’ve already skipped it twice before.”

LOL! Skipping class? Maybe you can do that in “real college,” where the lecture halls are filled with 300 students using buzzers to answer quiz questions. At FIT, skipping class is considered a crime and can get your grade dropped significantly. Each class has no more than about 30 students, so your teacher knows exactly who is there and who’s not. If you do skip class, make sure you come prepared the next week with a doctor’s note indicating you had pneumonia.

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9. “I’ve never been to Bravo Pizza or Gigi Cafe.”

Ok, let’s get real. FIT students live off of these two places. Not in the mood for the dining halls “exquisite and always fresh” salad bar? Head right across the street to Gigi and create your own. Need a fast food fix? Go down the block to Bravo and indulge in the always amazing buffalo chicken pizza (my favorite!).


10. My roommate and I are each having an overnight visitor this weekend.”

Last but not least, an FIT student’s biggest annoyance: overnight visitation requirements. Having visitors is always fun, except when you’re not allowed to have more than one in the entire dorm. Although the rules and regulations for overnight visitation on campus are only to keep us safe, they will soon get extremely troublesome, but you learn to manage. Once you figure out the ways to get around it and make friends with the security guards at the front desk, it doesn’t seem too bad.

FIT is definitely different from the rest and it won’t take long before you figure that out. However, when you do visit your BFF at Penn State and leave a frat party dripping in sweat, you’ll be thankful you don’t have that problem at your own school.

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