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20 Signs You’re From Prince William County

20 Signs You’re From Prince William County

Whether you've lived here your whole life, or if you just moved, you can probably relate to one of these signs that you're from Prince William County!

We can all agree that Prince William County is unique in it’s own way. Whether you have lived here your whole life, or if you just moved in, there’s no doubt that you can relate to at least one of these 20 signs that you’re from Prince William County!

1. When asked where you’re from, DC is ALWAYS the safest answer.

It’s less complicated that way…


2. #ClosePWCS

During snow season, school is closed with one snowflake on the ground, yet open when the roads are literally ice rinks. (You can thank the school board for that one.)

3. Speaking of the school board, you know exactly who this guy is…


4. The weather is unpredictable.

One day it could be a perfect 78 degrees, and the next thing you know, it’s cold and rainy for days. You’re literally experiencing all four seasons in the span of a week.

5. No matter which Chik-fil-a or Chipotle you go to, there’s bound to be a line. A very long line…


6. And there’s always traffic.

You can’t escape it.

7.  “The Ice Cream Parlor of Many Names”

If you’ve been to this quaint soft serve joint in downtown Dumfries, then you know it’s original name…


8.  Dialect

Because PWC is in such close proximity to the DMV, you sometimes let certain DMV words slip into your vocabulary. Same thing with our southern dialect. PWC, especially the western side of the county, tends to get a little southern. We are silently judged by our mix of urban and rural dialect. So when you’re having a conversation, your parents and other friends may not understand what you’re saying sometimes…


9. Field Trips

When you get excited for a class trip… but it’s either to DC, Baltimore, or the Manassas Courthouse.

10. Potomac Mills

We all know that Potomac Mills is the ultimate shopping center when it comes to out-of-towners and international tourists. To us, it’s just an average outlet mall, but for these folks, it’s as if they traveled to a whole new world… *cue music*


11. Jiffy Lube Live

Same thing with Jiffy Lube. Many famous artists book their concerts here and people from all over Northern Virginia, and even the state, come here to enjoy a night filled with great music and memorable fun.


12. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

No matter where you live in Prince William County, it’s bound to be noisy, whether it be the helicopters and cannons of Quantico, the VRE train station in Woodbridge, or the Manassas Regional Airport.

13. We can all agree that $110 million for a high school can inflate some egos…


14. Prince William County has become a political hot spot in recent years, being a crucial base for electoral votes.

So whether you’re a liberal, conservative or independent, our voices will definitely be heard.

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15. Any graduating class less than 500 is considered abnormal.

Commencement ceremonies take at least an hour and a half before they get to calling names. Yeah, good luck with that…

16. The roads are constantly being paved.

Which only makes traffic worse than it already is.


17. Whenever you travel outside of the county, you feel as if you’ve stepped onto another planet.

18. Most of your high school classmates choose to attend an in-state college/university.

The top 5 four-year colleges PWC seniors choose to attend are George Mason, UVA, Virginia Tech, JMU, and William and Mary.


19. When you’re driving, a yellow light actually means that at least three more cars sneak their way across the intersection.

(With another 1-2 actually running the red without getting caught.)


20. Finally!

And last but not least, you’ve been ready to leave the confinements of the county since you arrived (for most of you, it’s since the day you were born) but there’s no denying the fact that you will miss it dearly.

These are 20 signs you’re from Prince William County! Have something else you wanna add to this list? Feel free to share it in the comments below!
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