10 Reasons Why You Should Transfer To Another College

If you are thinking of transferring colleges here is a list of reasons why you should transfer to another college. Transferring can be a blast and bring joy

Sometimes things in life don’t go as we had hoped for – and that’s okay! If you are stuck in a school that is bringing you more unhappiness than excitement, you should transfer to another college. Here are 10 reasons why you should transfer to another college if that’s the case.

1. Your Heart is Not into the College Anymore.

You had stars in your eyes when you chose the quote on quote “perfect” college. Everything seemed perfect, but as time went on you just couldn’t be bothered anymore with the university. Nothing seems to be going right, and your heart just isn’t in the college you first laid your eyes on.

2. You Don’t Feel Safe.

It is extremely important to feel safe at the college or university you attend. If someone or something at this higher place of education is making you feel uncomfortable or feel unsafe then it’s time to transfer. Your well-being is way more important than your education. This is absolutely a reason to transfer to another college.

3. You’re Not Getting Your Money’s Worth (Education Wise).

Obviously, you’re in college to get an education and college is very expensive. It leaves you crippling debt afterward too, so you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Meaning, if the teachers there aren’t the best, and you feel that you cannot get a job afterward then you should probably transfer colleges.

4. The College Is Not in the Best Location.

I think this one is self-explanatory. A college in the worse area possible should be avoided at all cost unless you really have nowhere else to go.


5. Drama Starts to Follow You from High School.

Drama, unfortunately, follows you everywhere. However, everyone has their own strengths to what they can or can’t handle. If people are bringing up unnecessary arguments and keep starting beef with you, then maybe it’s time to go. Of course, never let someone drive you away from a place YOU chose to go to. You are there for an education, not petty squabbles correct? But everyone can take and dish out to certain extremes. If it gets out of control, it’s time to leave.

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6. There Isn’t Anything to Do. EVER.

Ok, so college isn’t all about being studious. You do want to have fun sometimes, and if the party scene isn’t up to your standards then sometimes people switch colleges. I personally wouldn’t do this since I’m not a party person but that’s just me.

7. People Are Too Lit.

In the same token, there is a period where people can become “party animals.” They like to party, drink, do drugs, and they do it all the time. Sometimes the whole school parties and can be known as a party school. This can get in the way of you know, being a student if partying is all other people do. So, if this isn’t the scene for you then you should transfer colleges.

8. You Need to Be Closer to Family.

Some people choose a college far away from their family because they don’t want to deal with them, or the town they have lived in their whole life. However, if you feel extremely home sick after only a little while of being at the school, it is time to switch schools.

9. Sports, Sports, and Did I Mention Sports?

The college you end up going to might end up phasing out a sport that you need for a scholarship. If that is the case, and that is how you are mostly paying to attend the college, then you might need to transfer to a school that offers a scholarship for that sport.

10. Dorming Sitch is Not Ideal.

Meaning, the campus you are attending doesn’t have the best dorming situation. If you can’t find a place to stay, especially if you are living far away from home, then one, don’t attend the college. However, if you do happen to find a place and something does happen to the dorm or apartment you are staying in; Examples being: problems with a roommate, building not up to code, stuff like that. Then you should transfer to another college.

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