The Most Mellow Studying Playlists You Can Listen To On Spotify

When the semester starts, we promise ourselves we’ll stick to a normal, strict studying routine that will help us better prepare for our end-of-semester exams. But a few weeks in, the routine starts to fray, we become progressively lazier and neglect our study time. Well, maybe if we had some motivational means to keep studying at a routinely basis, we wouldn’t stray from these habits.

To get the ball rolling on your studying routine, why not try out some carefully thought out mellow studying playlists from Spotify? These playlists are sure to help you get in the mood to study, containing little to no lyrics in most tracks, and are sure to motivate you in the library, or at your study desk at home.

1. Deep Focus

Now, if you’re a fan of acoustic melodies, then the Deep Focus playlist is absolutely perfect for you. With no lyrics in any of the tracks, the soft tracks are sure to help you develop full concentration on your course syllabus and even help you study for your upcoming tests.

The Most Mellow Studying Playlists You Can Listen To On Spotify

2. Study Zone

If you’re someone who prefers getting some lyrical motivation from songs to study, then the Study Zone playlist is the perfect fit for you. With uplifting and some mellow beats and tracks from Vera Blue, Khalid, Julia Michaels, James Bay, Sasha Sloan and GRAACE, this is playlist is extremely fitting to get you pumped and in the mood to start your studying.

3. Study Vibes

Are you a mellow indie pop music fan? Then the Study Vibes playlist will be your perfect choice during your studying session. This playlist includes perfect tracks that are so mellow yet uplifting at the same time. This is the type of playlist you’d want to listen to when choose to study in a natural environment – such as by the water or under an oak tree. You’ll be writing out your course notes and feeling inspiring by your subjects at the same time. Now that’s the type of music we need to help us study!

The Most Mellow Studying Playlists You Can Listen To On Spotify

4. Study Soundtrack

If you’re someone who enjoys instrumental melodies from television and film soundtracks, then the Study Soundtrack playlist is your go-to. With perfect mellow scores from your favourites movies and TV shows, this playlist is perfect to have playing in the background as you pull those all-nighters studying for your big tests and exams.

5. Chill Lofi Study Beats

Okay, now if you’re actually that person looking for the mellowest and chillest playlist to help you during your studying sessions, the the Chill Lofi Study Beats playlist is perfect for you. This playlists is so chill, so mellow, we wouldn’t be surprised if you started nodding off during your study break! Perfect to listen to while you’re in a cafe and chugging down on your third cup of coffee.

The Most Mellow Studying Playlists You Can Listen To On Spotify

6. Study: Classical Concentration

Now, this is the type of playlist we’re completely raving about. There was a study that released some years ago claiming that classic music helps the brain to register important information, and thus helps students during the studying sessions. So, this Classical Concentration playlist is absolutely perfect for anyone who wishes to test that theory of whether classical music can really help you do well in your course or study for your tests. With classical pieces from composers such as Debussy, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin, this playlist will transport you truly to another time period during your study.

7. Piano Study

Spotify has some specific studying playlists out on its platform that include tracks specifically involved with particular instruments. And this Piano Study playlist is perfect for anyone who prefers simple piano sheet music to help them study. Try out this playlist once during one of your study sessions and watch your mind dance in your coursework.

8. Jazz Study Music

Finally, here’s a perfect jazz-time playlist that is sure to help you mellow out and detoxify your brain as your study. Jazz music has something special about it. The genre has been wrongly subjected to elevator music, but we think this type of music is the type that must be heard. And what better way than to appreciate this music genre with a study session? Immerse yourself in the world of jazz, and help your brain transport all the information it needs.

The Most Mellow Studying Playlists You Can Listen To On Spotify

What kind of music do you prefer listening to while you study? Will you be using any of these playlists while you study for your next test? Let us know in the comments down below!

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