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10 Colleges With Outrageous Amenities

10 Colleges With Outrageous Amenities

10 Colleges With Outrageous Amenities

Ah college, the perfect time to learn, make new friends and get used to living in a cramped dorm room. Most often, going to college means getting used to a different lifestyle. Well, the lifestyle isn’t bad per se, it can take a little getting used to. The dining hall and cozy dorm room might seem cute when you first move in, but it quickly loses its charm after a couple weeks. When you’ve eaten a soggy pizza from Sodexo for the seventh time this week and you nearly sweat to death in your hot dorm room, college can seem less fun. When you’re spending a premium on college tuition you’d think the college would be able to invest in air conditioning for the dorm buildings, but no.

However, this mild suffering is often considered a right of passage for college. It’s something that’s believed to be experienced by all college students and a thing we must do to build character. However, these days with colleges trying to recruit more and more students crappy dining halls and dorm buildings that are falling apart are starting to become a thing of the past. These days not all colleges expect you to live in small rooms with so-so dining hall food. In fact, some colleges are doing the exact opposite. From lazy rivers to on-campus ski lifts, colleges are really stepping up their amenities game these days. Here are 10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

1. High Point University

Not only is the campus gorgeous, but the school offers numerous outrageous amenities that will make you feel like you’re royalty. Some of the freshman dorms are super spacious and feature mini kitchens, making them more apartment-style. Plus, the college features an outdoor swimming pool with a hot tub. If you’re bored you can slide down to the arcade, which features classic games like Ice Ball free of charge. Still not impressed? You can also watch movies in the theater there or have dinner at the college’s restaurant!

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

2. Michigan Technological University

Ok, so this school offers a tiny ski resort. No, we’re not talking nearby or just some exclusive student price deal at a ski resort. Like there is a ski lift on campus. Um, what?! If you’re a student you can ski here for free. There are two lifts and a decent amount of terrain to ski.

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

3. University of California, Davis

At the University of California, you can relax with all the outrageous amenities offered here. The Cuarto Area has two residence halls offer a private pool and spa. Who says you needed to go off campus to have a little vacay?

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

4. MIT

You’ve heard of dorms with a dining hall, but what about floors with a dining hall?! MIT’s Simmons Hall is not only gorgeous to look at but also features lounges with gaming consoles, TVs, and Rokus. Oh and as mentioned before some floors have dining halls. Or movie theaters. You know, standard college dorm stuff.

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

5. Boston University

Another university that has dorms that will likely put your college’s ones to shame is Boston University. The school offers condo-style dorms with private bathrooms and walk-in closets!

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

6. Southeast Missouri State University

If you go to Southeast Missouri State University, you’re going to likely be spending a lot of time in the pool because at the aquatic center there is a ton to do! There’s a zip line, a climbing wall, and even a rope swing!

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

7.  Ohio State University

At Ohio State University there’s a lot of outrageous amenities.  From the dive spa to the pools with saunas nearby, there’s a lot to do here to relax and have fun!

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10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

8. South Dakota State

At South Dakota State you don’t have to go off campus to get a sweet treat. At the dairy bar, you can buy ice cream on campus. There are over 60 flavors.

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

9. Flagler College

Flager college is not only close to the beach but offers some luxurious dorms. One of their dorms is actually an old hotel that has been redesigned for college students! You’ll truly feel like you’re on vacation here.

10 colleges with outrageous amenities!

10. Texas Tech

Texas Tech is turning things up with a crazy aquatic center. The aquatic center features a water slide and even a lazy river.

10 colleges with outrageous amenities

Are there any other outrageous amenities at colleges? Tell us in the comments below!

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