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10 Things To Bring To A Library Study Session

10 Things To Bring To A Library Study Session


As the semester progresses you have probably already found your favorite study cranny. You have solidified groups to cram for exams and you’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, there is still some time left in the semester and finals and a lot of time spent in the library is in your near future. Here are things to pack BEFORE you leave for the lib because we all know once you go in, it’s hard to get out. As long as you complete this little packing-list, you are set for success and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is understanding the material for your exam. Keep reading for 10 things to bring to a library study session!

1. Your favorite pair of headphones.

These little guys are essential for providing good vibes and keeping you focused on your school work.


2. Laptop!

Does this one speak for itself? If not, it is a necessity because for many of us college kiddos our life is our laptop.


3. Chargers for all your devices.

Nothing is worse than watching your percentage tick away without having anything to help it. Don’t hold your studying flow back by not having a charger, make sure you pack it for both your phone and your laptop.


4. Sweet and salty snacks!

Snacks may be the most important things to bring to a library study session. Set yourself up for success by motivating yourself with food. The sugar will give you energy and the salt will keep your satisfied. Make sure you have a wide variety to keep you entertained because if your taste buds get bored your mind will too.


5. Plenty of water!

Yes, you might be tempted grab a sugary drink or hydrate with coffee, but it is really important to sip on water to keep yourself healthy. It will also keep you going longer because you won’t crash.

6. Money in case you need more snacks.

This is just a precautionary method. You never know if you’ll need to pay for a snack or perhaps order delivery food.



7. Books!

Most importantly, pack your books and homework so you can study. It is very essential that you have all of your study materials so you can get everything done.

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8. Writing utensils.

Pens, pencils, highlighters…oh my! Make sure you are locked and loaded with plenty of lead, ink and colors.


9. A pack of gum.

It is proven that mint can help stimulate your concentration. Make sure to throw a fresh pack into your bag so you’ll not only have fresh breath but also be able to memorize better.

10. Your dignity.

This is essential to arrive with, because it may not be something you leave with.

What are your favorite things to bring to a library study session? Comment below and share the article!
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