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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went To Orientation At UGA

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went To Orientation At UGA

It is impossible to fully prepare a student for this pivotal event, these ten things are what baby Dawgs wish they had known prior to orientation at UGA.

Orientation at UGA will be the craziest experience of your pre-freshman year summer. Every minute of the two day adventure for first year students (one day for transfers) is jam packed with information, UGA traditions and tons of excitement that will make you want to call the Dawgs, ring the chapel bell and start you life in ATH ASAP.

While it is impossible to fully prepare a student for this pivotal event, these ten things are what baby Dawgs wish they had known prior to their arrival in the Classic City.

1. You are not in high school anymore.

While this sounds horribly obvious, orientation is your first taste of the true college experience. Nobody is ensuring you are attending your major/college meetings, making you participate in orientation group session or making sure you are in your dorm by any time. With all of this being said, it is all on you to be where you need to be to ensure your success at UGA. Start your college life on the right foot and try to make it a point to be on time and prepared for the task ahead of you.  (Thank you Amanda Campbell for this advice!!)


2. Read the packing list- & actually pack…

There are a ton of resources for what to bring to Orientation and almost all of them are different, but the tried and true items that should be in your suitcase appear on almost every list you find. Make sure to pack sheets, an umbrella, comfy shoes, a notebook and a backpack on top of your normal weekend packing and you will be set!

3. You can pick your roommate for orientation, but there is a catch.

If you have a roomie in mind for your overnight stay in Creswell, just know that you will have to arrive at the same time as that person because housing staff will not assign you a room until you are both there. You will have to wait on your roomie if your ETAs don’t match up. Bonus- don’t plan to room with your parents, as this is not allowed. Parents can stay in Creswell in a single occupancy room, however.

4.  There is a shortcut to Bolton and Tate Plaza from Creswell’s parking lot.

If you walk to the far right corner of the Creswell lot, there is two staircases that will walk you down to Bolton. It’s shorter than walking down the sidewalks and is a pretty cute little walk for the ‘Gram.



5. Speaking of, Bolton is no longer Revoling Bolton.

If your parents or family attended UGA in the 80s, you have probably heard this loving nickname for the dining commons that orientation attendees eat at for dinner the first night and lunch the second day. Good news- Revolting Bolton is now 10/10. With two floors of choices, even the pickiest of eaters can find a meal. Your punch gets you unlimited access to all food in the commons, including the milkshakes on the second floor, so have a ball.

6. BUT, Creswell is still Cres-Hell.

The nickname for the residence hall you will stay in still holds true. It’s not THAT bad, but prepare for communal bathrooms. Unlike the lower 5 dorms, there is no sink in Creswell dorms and traditional dorms. Break out the shower shoes and make sure to bring any creature comforts you need for the evening.


7. Ask your OL questions and really listen!!

OLs are the best resource for a new Dawg! These energetic, funny, super involved current UGA students are full of information and will give you tons of time to pick their brains about anything about college life, from how to handle your classes to giving the best places to eat in downtown Athens.

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8. Don’t worry about that advisement worksheet, but do have a slight idea of what you want to do classes wise.

The advisement worksheet on the pre-orientation checklist is a little extra and overall unnecessary. But it is a good idea to know what classes you will need for your degree (or in some cases, to apply to your particular college- here’s looking at you Grady…) and to pick out what you would like to take in your fall semester. Each college in the University has different requirements, so get familiar with what credits you need and go from there.



9. Download the Welcome to UGA app, your #1 guide to Orientation.

This app has your schdule  for the day, info on your OL, maps and other resources you may need to take on your orientation session. It also has a pre-orientation checklist to ensure you holds are cleared, you are prepped for advisement and other important task are complete prior to your arrival.

Download the app HERE in iTunes and HERE on Google Play.


10. This is supposed to be fun! Don’t stress, learn what you can, and know you are lucky to be a Dawg!!

Understanding that there is no tradition more worthy of envy. No institution worthy of such loyalty as the University of Georgia. – Larry Munson

What else do you wish you knew before orientation at UGA? Let us know in the comments below!
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