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20 Thoughts I Have When I Do Homework at Scribbles

20 Thoughts I Have When I Do Homework at Scribbles

Ah, Scribbles. The coffee shop all Kent State students know and love. Its cute location in downtown Kent is the perfect spot for a caffeine boost and study space. Keep reading for 20 thoughts I always have when I do homework at Scribbles!

1. I can’t wait to just sit and get stuff done- so much to do, so little time.

2. How is this parking lot so muddy? It hasn’t rained in a month!

3. Okay I’m only going to be here for two hours this time…

4. Wow this line is pretty long…

5. …At least I have time to figure out what I want.

6. Well I’m up and I still don’t know what I want so I guess I’ll go with the Black Squirrel, it always seems to wake me up.

7. Oh crap, I almost forgot my Scribbles card.

8. Two more coffees until I get a free one!

9. Ugh, the baristas are so stinking nice.

10. I wish I worked here.

11. Should I sit in the back or the front today?

12. OMG this Black Squirrel coffee was definitely the move.

13. But why am I shaking?

14. At least I’m getting everything done.

15. The people here are so cute… I think I spend more time people watching than doing homework.

16. I wonder how long that chick has been doing homework here for.

17. Which book should I take from the wall before I leave today?

18. Holy sh** I’ve been here for FIVE HOURS.

19. Oh well, totally worth it.

20. I love that everything I own smells like coffee now.

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