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The Best Tips You Need To Follow On Dorm Move-In Day

The Best Tips You Need To Follow On Dorm Move-In Day

Moving into a dorm for the first time can be scary since it’s not a familiar environment. But no worries, you’ve come to the right place to learn about the things you need to know and do during move in day. One thing to note is not every college is the same, so your friend’s move in day process may be different from yours. Theirs might’ve been easy and yours may be difficult, and I’ve experienced both, and I will use my full knowledge to help you worry less about move in day. A lot of worries circle around meeting the roommate for the first time, which can be nerve-wracking. But take a deep breath and remind yourself that you have nothing to worry about. 

Assigned Sides

You may or may not have an assigned bed, meaning first come first served. If you are allowed to choose your bed, I encourage you to try to move in before your roommate, so you can have the side you want. However, if your roommate is there before you, you have no choice but to take the side that’s left for you. But make sure there are no assigned beds by either asking your Resident’s Assistant (RA) or looking at your name on the door and see if they have letters or numbers on them. If it does have your name and a letter or number next to it, there’s a possibility that your beds are assigned. When you’re assigned sides, you’re not always going to get the side you like. With that in mind, refrain from asking your roommate to switch sides with you because nobody has time to unpack everything just to satisfy you. But if you feel the need to, try by asking if they feel comfortable with their side or if they like being on their side. If they say no, then suggest switching and both of you get what you want. If they say they are good with their side, there’s nothing you can do about it, move on. 

The Best Tips You Need To Follow On Dorm Move In Day



You may be on a higher floor and I’m certain you’re not going to want to walk back and forth from the car to the building carrying your stuff. A lot of dorm rooms offer carts to assist with carrying the heavy loads. Normally you will find them in the lobby area but they are extremely helpful during move in day. 

Busy Day 

I would call Housing to ask when their busy times are because it would suck to move in while everyone else is moving in. That means elevators are going to be packed, carts will be taken, and parking spots will be harder to find, which is why it would be better to pick a time where things aren’t busy. It’s best to call ahead and ask the housing when their busiest times are and when is the best time to move in. If that doesn’t work, it’s best to come early in the morning before other people arrive. 

Dress Appropriately For That Day

I know it’s college and I know you want all the cuties looking at you while you bend and snap to pick up something, but you never know when things don’t go as planned like the elevator breaking down or too full, which means you’ll have to take the stairs. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing like sweatpants and sneakers to help you with mobility. 


The Best Tips You Need To Follow On Dorm Move-In Day

Saying Goodbye

You’ve probably been dreading this day and I’m pretty sure your parents have as well. But you need to say goodbye to the family. You’re now joining the adult world and one crucial part of it is learning how to live without Mom and Dad. After everything is in your room, you do not need them to help you unpack or decorate because that is your responsibility. You’re going to be responsible for the way your room is decorated, cleaned, and organized. 

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The Best Tips You Need To Follow On Dorm Move-In Day

Get Those Digits

This is college! And college is all about the connections you make. During move in day, don’t be afraid to meet people and ask for their phone numbers, especially your roommate. Despite whether you and your roommate get along, it’s best for both of you to trade numbers in case of an emergency. Now, they do say that your parents should have your roommate’s contact info, but I don’t think it’s necessary because what if your roommate isn’t the most reliable person or if they don’t feel comfortable with your parents having their phone number. You need to respect their wishes. You should get your roommate and RA’s contact information and for your parents to get your RA’s contact information in case of an emergency. 

Prepare For Multiple Runs

Don’t think that everything will be taken care of in one run. You need your fridge, groceries, bedding, etc. Not only that, but you also need to unload the stuff you packed from home. So, it’s more than a possibility that you will have to make numerous runs to get the stuff you need. To prepare for this, you need to wear comfortable clothing and make sure the car has room for a lot of the other stuff you’re buying. Remember this isn’t a small vacation, you’re moving into a new house for a whole year. It’s almost imperative that you go back and forth from the dorm to the store. 



You must be prepared with tools. If you decided to have a tv, you’re going to need the proper tools to help with the tv and tv stand (don’t assume that the college will have them for you and don’t assume they will have a tv stand for you). Make sure you have the proper cable cords, batteries, etc. If you don’t know the proper tools to have, it is normally in the housing guidebook. Don’t assume that everything is clean once you arrive, bring Lysol sprays and wipes to wipe down every surface. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious, especially after this virus. 

I hope you’re excited about college life as I am for you! Let us know your fears, experiences, and expectations you have for move in day in the comments section! 

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