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5 Fitness Trends You Should Not Try

5 Fitness Trends You Should Not Try

Fitness trends are always tempting to try, and especially with social distancing and stay at home orders in place as summer approaches, it is almost irresistible to try new fitness trends. Unfortunately, many of these trends can be ineffective, and even unhealthy.  Below are 5 fitness trends that are definitely not worth your time. 

1. Fit Teas

This fitness trend is particularly tempting, as fit teas claim to help you achieve the flat stomach of your dreams, and all you have to do is drink tea once or twice a day. The problem with these teas is they are either not the miracle workers they claim to be, or just strong laxatives. Instagram recently banned ads featuring things that promised to drastically change one’s body, and many fit teas were included in this. This is mostly because many of the influencers and celebrities who promoted the products didn’t actually use them, and the many of the teas were using false advertising. Taking a strong laxative like these teas is an unhealthy, uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous way to lose weight. Additionally, it is not a sustainable way to lose weight, and people often gain weight back once they stop drinking the tea. Fit teas also often promise very specific results, like a flat stomach. The problem with this is you cannot spot reduce fat, and therefore the teas won’t necessarily have the intended effect. Overall, any tea that advertises miracles is definitely not worth it.

5 Fitness Trends You Should Not To Try

2. Extreme Calorie Cutting

Many fitness influencers and bloggers have been discussing the importance of a calorie deficiency in order to burn fat. While this is true, many people have tried to cut extreme amounts of calories in order to quickly lose weight. This fitness trend is both unhealthy and unattainable for long term goals. Most nutritionists agree that a calorie deficiency should only be a couple hundred a day, totally to losing about half a pound a week for the average person. A healthy calorie deficit can be achieved through simple steps like portion control, and doesn’t require extreme measures. Cutting extreme amounts of calories is not only uncomfortable and can cause fatigue, but it often stops your body from getting all the necessary nutrients it needs. Extreme calorie cutting is very unsustainable, and people often gain the weight back if they stop cutting their calories. As fitness trends go, this one can be especially harmful and dangerous for your body.

5 Fitness Trends You Should Not To Try

3. No Carb Diets

No carb diets are a fitness trend that many people seem to try as a way to quickly lose weight. While some people swear by cutting back on carbs, completing forgoing them is both not practical, and often not healthy. In order to have a balanced diet, you do need to eat some carbs. There are many very healthy options to get the necessary carbs in your diet. Many people will try no carb diets as a short term solution, but once you start eating carbs again, you will probably gain weight back. Unfortunately this fitness trend has made many people see carbs as the enemy to their fitness goals, but the reality is your body needs carbs for energy and to build muscle. Often with no carb diets, it is hard to feel completely full, and people find they have a tendency to snack more, or crave unhealthy food. With carbs, most nutritionists tend to agree that moderation is key, and who doesn’t love some pasta every once in a while?

5 Fitness Trends You Should Not Try

4. Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are a fitness trend that have been around for years. Waist trainers are meant to cinch your waist, and some people wear them while working out, at night, or just throughout their day. Many celebrities use them, and regularly post pictures wearing them. Waist trainers don’t actually do anything for your health, or help you lose weight. They may cause you to sweat more, and therefore lose some water weight, but overall all they claim to do is shape your waist. Longterm, waist trainers can damage your organs because it creates an unnatural shape for your waist. Short term, they are uncomfortable, and perpetuate harmful beauty standards. Waist trainers are extremely tight, and can be hard to breath and move in. Waist trainers perpetuate harmful beauty standards. it is totally natural and normal to not have a super tiny waist, and for waist trainers to be effective, you often have to wear the waist trainer an extreme amount, which can lead to some serious health issues and discomfort. This fitness trend is definitely not worth your time, the bottom line is it is uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous.

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5 Fitness Trends You should Not Try

5. Extreme Cardio

This fitness trend goes hand in hand with calorie cutting. Cardio, specifically running, is often thought to be the way to burn the most calories for a single workout, and achieve a calorie deficiency. While there are many appeals to running, and many health benefits, it is unrealistic to expect yourself to suddenly become an avid runner if you have no experience. If you’re just starting to go on runs, don’t pressure yourself to be able to run 10 miles right away, cardio is hard and takes a long time and dedication to improve. Extreme cardio workouts can be very hard on your body. Intense cardio is also not the only way to stay fit, there are countless other ways to stay fit, like yoga, barre classes, and circuit training. The fitness trend that extreme cardio is the only way to stay fit or lose weight is harmful because it can make fitness seem daunting. If you hate running, there are so many fun ways to stay active, and ones that are not potentially harmful to your body. Including cardio in your fitness routine is great, but don’t feel any pressure to suddenly become a marathon runner.

5 Fitness Trends You Should Not Try

Fitness trends can be hard to navigate, and we hope these helped narrow some down! Let us know what your favorite and least favorite fitness trends are in the comments!

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