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The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide For Yogis

The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide For Yogis

This yoga gift guide is the best source to any yogi's gift needs. These yoga related gifts for women bring the best ideas for the ultimate yogi to enjoy!

To be a true yogi you have to surrender your mind, body, and soul into the lifestyle of mediation. This process involves clearing your head of negativity and surrounding yourself with positive people and activities. If you believe you or someone you know is like this, then we have created the ultimate yoga gift guide to make your yoga junkies next workout simple and easy, as well as help to surround a yogi’s everyday life with fun yoga inspired trinkets!

If you are a true yogi then this is the best yoga gift guide for you!  If you are a true yogi then this is the best yoga gift guide for you!

If you are a true yogi then this is the best yoga gift guide for you!  If you are a true yogi then this is the best yoga gift guide for you!

1) Cute Yoga Cookie Cutters To Remind You To Treat Yourself, And Then Workout

These adorably posed yoga cookie cutters bring all the balance a true yogi needs in their life – sweets & exercise. You can’t always be healthy! These cookies will remind you to eat up and get your yoga on.


2) A Yoga T-Shirt To Let Everyone Know That You Are Always Down, Dog

Let the world know that you are a true yogi with a cute t-shirt like this one! A needed present on the yoga gift guide gift that will attract fellow yogis from all over when you’re out and about!

3) A Breathable And Comfortable Sports Bra

With all of the moving and stretching you’ll be doing, it’s important to find the right sports bra that won’t do all that digging in.


3) This Statement Namaste Mug

Sip your cup of coffee in a mug like this and then hit your yoga class! A must-have on the yoga gift guide for the true die-hard yogi.


4) Have Some Writing Therapy In This Cute Yoga Notebook

Yoga is a lifestyle, and what accompanies that lifestyle is a relaxed and clear mind. For some people, writing down everyday thoughts and activities is what helps to release pent up negative energy. Not to mention, this yoga book has 100 inspirational quotes in it to help everyone be in a better place!

5) Some Anti-Slip Socks, So You Can Really Stick Those Poses

Downward dog, vriksasana, natarajasana, and more have no match for these socks. One of the best yoga gift guide gifts for a true yogi as you will never slip again!


6)  Yes, Even A Yoga Phone Case

Keep your phone balanced with this cute yoga case! A great way to protect your phone, while showing off your true passion!

7) Form Flattering Trendy Leggings

Show off that yoga body of yours with these cute leggings. The lightweight design and flexibility will allow your body to twist and turn into any yoga pose you need!




8) Of Course, A Cute Yoga Mat

We couldn’t leave a yoga mat out of here! This mandala designed mat will bring the perfect essence to any of your yoga classes. A must-have on the yoga gift guide!





9) This Awesome Namaste Wall Decal

Greet everyone as soon as they walk into your house with this trendy namaste wall decal! Perfect to hang in your living room or bedroom as a friendly reminder of how to begin and end all of your yoga sessions!

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10)  Carry All Your Yoga Needs In This Travel Bag

Store your water bottle, cell phone, yoga mat, keys and more with this yoga travel bag! Your next class will be made easy and convenient with a packed backpack like this one!


11) For All Of Those Wine Loving Yogi’s Out There, This Yoga Wine Glass Is For You

Even yoga lovers can enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, and when they do, what’s better then to have a wine glass that speaks to their lifestyle? Yoga, wine, repeat is definitely a must-have on this yoga gift guide!

12) Yes, You Need This Pack Of Headbands

A true yogi knows how important headbands are for their yoga routine. A pack of these helpful hair controlling bands will tame those fly away hairs and keep them out of your eyes!

13) A Swell Water Bottle To Keep You Hydrated And On Your A Game

This insulated water bottle is perfect to keep your H20 nice and chilled while you work up a sweat doing your yoga routine! Even if hot yoga is your thing, this water bottle will keep you comfortable.



14) A Comfortable Exercise Shirt

Do all the backbends, lunges, and positions you need in a shirt that’s designed to keep you cool during an intense exercise like yoga! The breathable material will allow you to focus on the task at hand without any distractions!

15) A Light Read On Yoga Practices

Just because you’re a yogi doesn’t mean you can control the thoughts going on in your head at all times. This book will open up your mind, while discovering what true happiness really is. The perfect yoga gift guide gift for those looking to achieve total expand their mind!


What would be on your yoga gift guide? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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