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15 Signs You Definitely Spend Too Much Money

15 Signs You Definitely Spend Too Much Money

If you're in college, it seems like you are spending money everywhere you turn. Here are 15 signs that you spend too much money!

It wasn’t until going into college that I realized how poor I am without a job. Whether you have a job or not, you’re probably still going to be in debt as a college student (unless you’re working with a full ride!) To say the least, I always have an empty wallet or purse, what a sad life I live! Here are 15 signs you spend too much money.

1. Empty wallet.

When you first take your wallet out of your purse or wallet and you open it to only find out it’s EMPTY!

2. Overpriced drinks.

Starbucks is highly overpriced, and you know you’re going to have to refill that points card or pay using cash! How to go about your day without your favorite fancy coffee, am I right?

3. School shopping.

Sometimes you buy more supplies than you need for the whole year, and you look at your receipts and add them together. You might find out you’re spending more than an average student.

4. Snacks.

When snacks are on sale and you buy just about all of them. By the time you’re at the counter, it’s more than you can afford!

5. Traveling.

Plane tickets can be so pricey. It might be an indication that you’ve spent too much money when you have to buy cheap plane tickets.

6. Negative credit card balance.

When you’re about to buy things online and think you have enough money to spend, but when you make a purchase, IT DECLINES!

7. TONS of shopping bags.

When you go out to shop and you bring home over 5+ bags of clothes! OH NO!

8. Gotta stop for gas!

When you continuously travel and you have less than $10 to even fill your gas tank… GOTTA CALL FOR HELP!

9. Expensive college textbooks.

When you have to buy/rent textbooks and then you’re in debt because they cost way more than you thought they would.

10. Late night dessert.

I mean, sometimes you’re so stressed that you just want to pick up something sweet, and what better way to end you study sesh than with some candy or ice cream? (You will probably have to stick with a small, though… every penny counts!)

11. When you can’t pay your phone bill.

Spending too much money on food and clothes results in less money for everything else (and that results in not being able to pay your PHONE BILL!)

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12. Birthday presents, the best!

When it’s your friend’s birthday and all you want to do is get them the perfect present… only to find out later on that you already spend too much money on everything else.

13. Healthy life.

Being a student in college is pretty hard, but healthy choices are still a thing! (Why is all the healthy stuff so expensive!?)

14. College tuition.

When you look at all of the debt you will have to pay back for your college tuition, but then remember you’re poor in general.

15. Medicine.

Being sick isn’t cheap, it’s pretty pricey. You have to buy medicine after medicine to get over your cold, and tons of tea.

By the end of college, you’ll feel life you wound up with little to no money. Use your money wisely. Save all you can before you hit college, because it’s no joke!

Do you feel like you spend too much money? Tell us in the comments below!
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