10 Long Distance Relationship Struggles All Freshmen Face

When you try to make your relationship work long distance it can be hard. When you try to make your long distance relationship work and you’re just starting college, it can be even harder. Read on for 10 struggles all freshmen in long distance relationships face.

1. You hate the people that tell you not to make your relationship work.

This comment is commonly made by someone who isn’t in a relationship. What do they know?

2. You don’t want to smother them.

When it’s your first week and you know that they’re trying to make new friends just like you are, it is hard to resist the urge to pick up the phone and call them. You don’t want to bother them when they could be hanging out with new people!

3. But then you don’t want them to forget about you.

During the first few weeks, even months, you’re both going through that awkward phase of trying to find new friends and hanging out with everyone. It can be great, but also weird not talking to them as much everyday.

4. Not knowing your schedule and routine beforehand stresses you out.

It is such a big relief when you both finally send each other your class schedules.

5. Planning visits in advance.

When you’re both online looking at each other’s breaks and you have to figure out when your breaks finally overlap.

6. Not wanting to be the person who talks about their significant other too much.

When you meet your new friends, you don’t want them to think that your significant other is your entire life so you try extra hard not to talk about it

7. Wanting to talk about your significant other.

But then trying so hard not to talk about your relationship makes you want to talk about it even more!

8. Feeling super off when you go to college because you saw them every day in this summer.

The first week is always the hardest because you’re not next to your best friend.

9. Counting down to the day when you get to see them next.

The anticipation builds so much until you finally get to see them and you constantly check your phone.

10. Finally seeing them during break.

The best!

What are a few other struggles freshmen in long distance relationships face? Tell us down below!
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