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15 Things You’ll Miss About Home After Moving To College

15 Things You’ll Miss About Home After Moving To College

There are still some things you might miss about home, though. Keep reading for the 15 things you'll miss most about home after moving to college.

There are plenty of things that come with moving to college that are absolutely incredible. The freedom, new friends, taking as many naps as you please. There are still some things you might miss about home, though. Keep reading for the 15 things you’ll miss most about home after moving to college.

1. Mommy Daughter Time

To everyone still living at home, take in all the time you have with your mom. I miss shopping and just watching Netflix with her way more than anything listed below!

2. Mom’s Cooking

Okay, so I have always been extremely blessed with a Jewish mother who is AMAZING at cooking and baking, therefore, a majority of my dinners were filled with rich flavors and tasty food. Unfortunately, in college most of my meals consist of granola bars and oatmeal. Seriously, I have a granola bar every morning because I either have to leave for class before the dining hall opens, or it’s my chill day and why would I want to put on a bra to get a mediocre omelette or cereal? So as you could imagine, I texted my mother less than a week into college to tell her that I missed her cooking so much.



3. Your Furry Friend

My, oh my, how I miss my furry friend Cooper. If you think you’ll be fine without seeing your dog (I thought that, too), but juts wait until you see a puppy on campus and literally have your heart melt in your hands! Yesterday, I was walking around the Student Involvement Fair and I saw the cutest 9-week-old puppy! The things I would do to have my parents sneak my 140 lb Bernese Mountain Dog on the plane for family weekend.








4. A¬†Good Night’s Sleep

If you aren’t out partying until the wee hours of the morning, you’ll find it extremely difficult to get a good night’s sleep on a Friday or Saturday night, and in some cases, EVEN THURSDAY NIGHT! Instead of the sweet silence, you are accompanied by the sound of drunk stumbling, distant sounds of puke, and doors being closed just when you feel like getting up for the day.

5. Your Bed

Not going to lie, I still sleep relatively well on my bed in college, but there seriously is nothing better than your bed at home! No egg-crate can beat your perfectly molded mattress at home. Needless to say, I can’t wait to be back in my humble-abode at home!


6. The Proximity to Your BFF’s House

Although you meet plenty of great people in college, there’s nothing like being a quick walk or drive to your best friends house. Long distance is hard for everyone and adjusting to your college schedule can put a weight on your friendship easily.

7. Sitting in the Bathroom

I know this isn’t just me, but at home I typically go in the bathroom with a good book in hand and very easily waste away 30-40 minutes reading. OR, my absolute favorite time- getting out of the shower and sitting down wrapped up in a towel. NEWS FLASH: when you have community bathrooms, consider yourself lucky if you make it through a shower without someone knocking on the door to see when you’ll be out. Additionally, you have to make a long treacherous walk to your dorm room in a towel. NOT. FUN!



8. Hair (It’s Everywhere)

On the topic of bathrooms, the amount of hair one could collect in a community bathroom, shared by 20+ girls, could make a wig! You can’t escape the hair!hair hair


9. Taking Baths

Okay, so I personally don’t like baths and never got into bath bombs or anything of the sorts, but my friends all claimed to miss taking baths with their colorful bath bombs. A relaxing night in college, is usually a Monday night when most people are finally “dead” from partying all weekend.shower

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10. Your Car

You know when you were hanging with your friends, and at like 11:30 pm you decided to go get ice cream? Yeah, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find a dining hall opened past 9pm and with the absence of a car, it makes your late night cravings difficult to overcome.

11. Free Laundry

Not only does laundry day at college require a 2 hour period of time devoted to making sure no one throws your clothes on the floor, it also requires some dolla bills! So, if you haven’t already gone to college- start saving your quarters NOW!


12. Singing Your Heart Out

Remember at home when you could belt your heart out in the shower, in the kitchen, in your room… ANYWHERE, without having to worry about the judgement of your neighbors? Yeah, that’s a no-go here. I share a bolted door with the kid in the room next to me, and seeing as I have heard plenty of his conversations, I am quite certain that he’s heard me belting every Post Malone and Moana song. (SORRY CONNER PLEASE FORGIVE ME!)

13. Dancing in Your Underwear

You know that you do it too, okay! Honestly if you have a roommate, you’ll quickly realize how prude you have to become after moving to college. No dance parties to Hannah Montana or laying on the floor without a shirt just because you’re too hot or too lazy.

14. Your Fave Local Spots

I was lucky enough to meet people from the state who have introduced me to a lot of local stores, but I can’t say I don’t miss shopping at local boutiques downtown and hanging out at the cafe. There’s a special hometown vibe that you long to feel when you are miles away. Needless to say, I’ll be hitting up the local gems in my town when I come home for Thanksgiving break.




15. Cable TV

I know most of us stream 24/7, but when you find out that it’s Harry Potter Weekend and you can’t tune in, the sadness starts to set in! For me, the worst has been when my parents tell me that The Blind Side is on…MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVERRRRRR!cable

What did you miss most after moving to college? Tell us down below!
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