10 Texts All Girls Are Sick Of Getting

Do you ever get a text that you are just so sick of receiving? Then definitely read on for the 10 texts all girls are sick of getting!

Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the worst text of them all? A few days ago, I was sitting alone in my bedroom, staring at a blank phone screen. No text. No emails. Nada. And then my phone chimed. I have friends! The text read: “Dear cardholder of card ending with 1234, your card amount has fallen below $100.00 as of 4:30pm on August 31st, 2017.” The numbers are altered to protect my private information, obviously, but after receiving that text, I was not only lonely, but broke, too. Inspired by this experience, here’s 10 texts all girls are sick of getting.

1. Send nudes.

Always a classic. Always not appreciated.


2. You up?

One time I got this text at 7pm on a Saturday night from a guy I was ghosting, and I told him I was just about to go to bed. He obviously didn’t get the hint that I was avoiding him when he replied back, “can I come over?” Silly boy.

3. A guy’s disco stick.

Ew, ew, ew. No girl will ever go gaga for that.


4. A receipt text.

No, I really don’t want to view my receipt for a $6 corn on the cob. Thank you very much.


5. We need to talk.

Here’s some free advice. If you can avoid it, never ever have serious conversations on the phone, especially via texting. Miscommunication will be minimized and it’s a lot easier to understand and interpret how someone is feeling face to face.

6. Can I ask you for a favor?

Open ended. Not specific. I know by the time I ask, I’ll be roped into helping you in your shenanigans to avoid feeling like a jerk.


7. Can I ask you a question?


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8. I’m on my way.

After 10 minutes of the agreed time, we both know very well that you are not on your way. And are probably still in bed.


9.  Any text from that one person.

Whether it’s an ex, old friend, enemy or your best friend you you’re mad at, seeing a name of a person you just don’t want to talk to pop up on your screen can just ruin your day.

10. No text at all.

Is common courtesy not a thing anymore? Everyone is on their phone almost every second throughout the day. It’s so easy to take two of those seconds to be a decent human being and reply to a message.


Okay, I think it’s time for me to take a break from my phone.

What are a few other texts all girls are sick of getting? Tell us in the comments!
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