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15 Beauty Essentials You Need In Your Beach Bag

15 Beauty Essentials You Need In Your Beach Bag

Here are some beauty essentials your beach bag is missing out on!

Beach days are for salty hair, tanned skin, and of course cute pictures. But what a lot of us forget is what to put in that beach bag of ours to get through the day. Here are some go-to beach beauty essentials that you shouldn’t leave the house without!

1) Wet Brush

Tangled hair is not our friend ladies. Frizzy and tangled hair, no thank you. Try investing in a wet brush, which means what it does exactly. It’s a hair brush designed specifically to comb through wet hair, leaving it tangle free.

2) A Hydrating Chapstick

Ladies protect your lips from the sun. One thing I hate more than tangled hair is chapped lips. Burnt lips can be very irritating, trust me. Next time you get ready for the beach, make sure to pack some chap stick (even better if it has SPF) and soak up the beautiful sun. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is a perfect accessory to have in your beach bag! It provides SPF 15 and comes in a range of tinted colors!


3) A Hydrating Body Oil

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. That’s right ladies body oil. It’s lightweight and non – greasy and did I mention leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated because of the Shea butter and vitamin E. Just apply a small amount to your skin after the beach to lock in hydration and lock out dryness.

4) Body Spray

After a long day at the beach, we all know we want to feel refreshed. That’s why I recommend packing a mini body spray. Two to three splashes will leave you smelling amazing and feeling like a beach princess. Personally I would recommend the “At The Beach” body spray. This spray contains hints of toasted coconut and vanilla, smelling just like a refreshed day at the beach, a perfect beach essential.

5) An Accelerating Tanning Oil

Personally, one of my number one beach essentials. Now most of us weren’t blessed with natural tan skin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fake it till we make it. We all can achieve the golden goddess skin tone simply by applying “Australian Gold” (my personal favorite brand). Tan skin and tan lines for all.


6) Facial Sunscreen

Ladies we want tan skin but not a burnt face. Protect your face by applying face sunscreen, I personally use “Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen”. We don’t have time for a burnt face, nor the time to deal with it.

7) Waterproof Mascara

Mascara, a girl’s best friend. Just one to two coats of waterproof mascara and you are all set for a beach day filled with long and lush eyelashes. What’s great about waterproof mascara, it won’t smudge in the water, so no worrying about those raccoon eyes. Add this to your beauty essentials list, trust me, you won’t regret it.



8) A Salty Styling Spray

Beach curls, can we say yes!!! Beautiful and natural curls, sign me up! Salty water equals curly hair, but to lock in and enhance those natural curls try using “Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray”. This is a beach beauty essential that you will want in all of your snapchat stories.

9) A Floppy Hat

To protect your face from being damaged from the sun, look no further then the floppy hat. We all can agree wearing a hat to the beach is a necessity, not only for the pics, but also to shield us from sun rays.

10) A Cute Cooler

Spending the day at the beach, means staying hydrated and sharing food goodies with some of your closest friends. A cooler is essential, use it to pack water bottles, soda, fresh fruits, and of course Publix subs.


11) A Beach Mat

No one likes a sandy beach towel more than the next person. So invest in purchasing a beach mat, ideal for tanning or sitting, without getting your towel all sandy, plus it’s easy clean up and compact. Try Amazon for inexpensive beach mats and enjoy the sunny weather and salty air.

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12) Hair Clip/Hair Tie

I don’t know about you girlies, but I really don’t like it when my hair is flying in my face, and that’s why I always pack a hair clip. If you don’t use the hair clip or hair tie you pack, chances are your friend may need to borrow it. Everything you pack in your beach bag, will be put to use.


13) Sand To Exfoliate

Yes, sand. Now you can’t bring sand with you to the beach, but the beach is filled with sand, literally. You may or may not know this, but sand is an amazing exfoliate and one of the best beauty essentials you could have! Next beach day, exfoliate your skin with sand to remove dead skin cells and allow for your skin to breath and glow. And after you’ve exfoliated, apply any sort of body cream or oil to keep smooth and nourished.


14) A Cute Pair Of Sunglasses

If eyes are the window to the soul, then sunglasses are their trendy best friend, leaving you a mystery waiting to be uncovered. But girlies for real, sunglasses are a must have beach essential, both cute and protect your eyes from sun rays.

15) A Soothing Aloe Vera Gel 

Yes, you read it correctly, aloe vera gel. Florida weather, especially in the hot summer months, we want to all feel relaxed and refreshed. That’s where aloe gel comes into play as one of the must-have beauty essentials to throw in your beach bag. Hydrating the skin with aloe gel leaves the skin feeling cool, refreshed, and moisturized due to the shea butter and vitamin E. After a long day at the beach, aloe gel cools down the body with a lightweight formula.

That beach bag of yours should definitely be full for your next beach trip. What beauty essentials do you use to maintain that beachy look? Leave a comment below!
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