15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

Looking to make your room into a cozy home base with just a few simple tips? These amazing ways to decorate will ensure you feel comfortable and happy with the space you inhabit.

1. Choose A Color Theme

Picking one or more colors to focus your room decor on will make the whole space feel more put together and can even help with certain goals. Neutrals such as browns, tans, whites, and greys can make the room feel clean and organized without taking away from any decorations you chose to put up. Soft greens go well with this earthy theme if you are looking to add an accent.

Color theory elaborates on the psychological and physiological effects of primary colors on humans. The most commonly discussed effect is blue, which is shown to positively impact creativity while also possibly negatively influencing mood. For more information on picking the right color scheme for you, look into these ideas but remember that ultimately, it’s your room and any color you enjoy will be perfect!

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

2. Use Natural And Pleasent To Touch Materials As Much As Possible

Having bedsheets, pillows, rugs, and seating that is comfortable and nice to touch is a must for maximum comfort. Avoid materials that will become easily stained or otherwise tainted, as accidents are bound to happen.

3. Invest In Rugs Or Carpeting

Having fun rugs on your floor can add a fun personal touch while also being practical! They make walking in bare feet more comfortable, adds cushioning if someone needs to sit on the ground, and can often be easily cleaned in a washing machine when they get dirty!

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

4. Make The Most Of Your Lighting

One of the best ways to decorate is by playing with and tweaking the lighting in your room until it is just right! Mood lighting is important as the bright fluorescent lights most dorms and homes come with are prone to giving people headaches, trouble sleeping, and other sensitivity issues. Utilize the natural light whenever possible by opening your curtains during the day! For more direct use, try decorating with fairy lights, artificial candles or lamps!

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

5. Choose Relaxing Art

To keep the room feeling cozy and peaceful, try hanging up some relaxing artwork! This is one of the most fun ways to decorate as what you choose to hang up is completely up to you and can be rearranged at any time. Pick images that calm you, motivational posters, or anything else you can focus on to ground yourself.

6. Keep Some Live Plants As Roommates

Having plants such as small flowers, cacti, bamboo, or herbs growing in your room can add a lot of life. Not only will it add fun green decor, but the plants will also help improve the air quality in the space as they convert Co2 to Oxygen. If you have a cat, they will go crazy for a catnip plant in the window. When dealing with peppermint, basil, or other easy to grow herbs, you can even use them in your own tea or cooking, making this easily one of my favourite ways to decorate my room for optimal coziness.

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

7. Have A Seasonal Decoration Section

I personally kept a mini (12 inches) white “Christmas” tree in my room 365 days a year for about 2 years, cycling through seasonal decorations. For Easter, I would put little eggs between the branches. During Halloween, I would wrap it in cobwebs and fake spiders. For St.Patricks I put on green ornaments. Having a decoration, countdown, stuffed animal or sign indicating the upcoming holiday can help keep you in a festive mood!

8. Keep It Minimal

One of the best ways to decorate had more to do with what you don’t put in than what you do. It is important to avoid overfilling the room, or it will quickly feel cluttered and overwhelming rather than being an enjoyable place to relax.

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

9. Utilize A Candle Warmer Or Essential Oil Diffuser

When trash, laundry, and body odor build up, rooms can start to smell very unpleasant. Keep your space feeling clean and fresh by adding a candle warmer or essential oil diffuser to your room. If you are allowed, burning incense or candle is also a fantastic option!

10. Bring On The Blankets And Pillows

Having an extra stock of pillows and blankets in your room accounts for all eventualities, such as spontaneous girls night, a friend coming to visit, or a date that went exceptionally well. Pick your favourite designs in varying weights and lengths to ensure that you have options for every situation.

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

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11. Prioritize Seating For Your Guests

Having multiple places to sit is an important part of setting up a cozy space. If you are entertaining guests, it is important to ensure each person has a seat if desires. Additionally, you should not spend all your time in bed. Studies show that having a separate workspace can improve efficiency, prevent distractions while working, and even help promote sleep!

12. Create A DIY Canopy Bed For Privacy

By hanging sheets from the ceiling above your bed so that they fall around the mattress you can create your own canopy bed! Simply use tacks or a staple gun to securely attach the sheets. Secure with tape if necessary, as you do not want to step on a tack if one falls down. Add buttons or string to the sheets so you can pin them back like curtains during the day and let them fall over the bed at night.

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

13. Choose Unique Conversation Pieces

Adding one of a kind decorations to your room can ensure that the space is unique to you! Display any items with a fun story surrounding them, gifts from friends, wacky discoveries, or weird things you’ve picked up from thrift stores. This will make your room feel fun and give it a unique feel!

14. Position Your Bed Near The Window

When looking for ways to decorate your room, consider the arrangement of your furniture. Having your bed against the window or as close to it as possible will help regulate your sleep schedule by waking you up with sunlight in the morning. Particularly if you don’t get outside often, or as often as you would like, getting natural light when you wake up can be invigorating and make starting the day easier.

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

15. Decorate Your Wall

One of the most fun ways to decorate your room is to cover the walls! Invest in some tapestries you like and fill in the remaining space with painting, posters of idols, photos of family and friends, hand-made creations or anything else you desire! Try to have fun with it rather than stressing about everything being perfect.

15 Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Room This Fall

I hope these ideas inspire you to create a comfortable masterpiece of your own. Let me know what you thought of these cozy decorating tips in the comments below!

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