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The Best And Worst Dorms To Live In At Georgia State University

The Best And Worst Dorms To Live In At Georgia State University

The Best And Worst Dorms To Live In At Georgia State University

When students are going to college, one of the first things they think about is, “What is the best dorm to live in?” No matter the school, there are always some dorm rooms that are better than the others. I’m here to share my list of the best, and worst, dorms to live at Georgia State University.

University Lofts

Making its mark as one of the most industrial looking option, it is also highly coveted. This dorm is the closest to the main campus and also considered more low-key than the other options. The exposed duct work and concrete floors give its residents the feel of being submersed in the urban culture while maintaining the convenience of living in school housing. These rooms are always the first to go making it one of, if not the, best dorm at Georgia State University.

The Best And Worst Dorms To Live In At Georgia State University

University Commons

This is the largest residence hall at Georgia State University. With that, there are always events in the courtyard that are great for meeting new people or hanging out with your best friends. With its modern interior and great views, it is a great way to feel like you are getting the best in the city. I lived there for three years and loved my room and having a bus stop right in front of the building. If you can’t score a spot in the lofts, or decide that it isn’t the best dorm for you, the commons is a fantastic option.

Greek housing

This housing option is for Georgia State’s sororities and fraternities. These town homes are located right next to Patton Hall and are designed to create a community for these sororities and fraternities. This is the best dorm for those who want to stay closer to their pledged brothers and sisters and be round people who have similar interests and goals.

The Best And Worst Dorms To Live In At Georgia State University

Piedmont Central

This is Georgia State’s newest dormitory and comes with many great amenities like a dining center on the main floor, community kitchens, and social spaces for students to hang out. This option houses many freshman, so it is ideal for new students who want to get their bearings in a community full of others who are in the same boat.

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Patton Hall

Like Piedmont Central, this option is usually inhabited by freshman students. It is very close to the main campus and also has a dining hall that is open for extended periods of time. Each room is connected to another by a bathroom, so that can be a little off putting since other people could potentially have access to your room. For this reason, I rate this dorm as one of the one of the worst dorms to live in. There is no need to fret if you are planning or are currently living here, the incidents of people going into other rooms are isolated and not that common, but if you are that worried, you can always put a box or a piece of luggage in front of the door.

The Best And Worst Dorms To Live In At Georgia State University

Piedmont North

This is by far the worst dormitory to live in on campus. Before future residents of Piedmont North have a heart attack, stick to the end, there is saving grace. Outside of my personally unpleasant experience, this dorm is the most outdated and at times cramped option. I lived in the three bed dorms in both building A and B. Out of the two, B is the best. It is newer and you enter your room from inside the building. We use to have a bit of an ant problem when I lived in A. The two bed and of course one bed options offer more space but there are less of these units, so it is more likely you will have a three bed room, not three bedrooms, but three beds in one room. That at times can get very cramped, but here is the saving grace that I mentioned before, I know people who loved living here. Living with roommates gave them the opportunity to meet new people and forge lasting friendships.

When it comes to the best and worst dorms to live in, there are objective aspects that matter like proximity to campus, how modern, the amenities, but at the end of the day, it matters what you make of it. My best dorm could be your worst, so no matter where you live, enjoy yourself! For those who have lived in any of these dorms at Georgia State University, what was your experience? What do you think the best and worst dorms are?

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