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12 Types Of Roommates Everyone Will Have In College

12 Types Of Roommates Everyone Will Have In College

Throughout college, you will no doubt encounter many different types of roommates. Check out these 12 roommates you might end up with!

The beginning of the school year is just around the corner. For me, starting college means I will get to have roommates. Everyone in college will get the privilege of having roommates, and it can either be scary or exciting. You will usually be given the choice of either choosing your roommate, or you taking the risk and going random. Going the random route means that you have no idea what your potential roommate is like. Here are 12 types of roommates you could encounter if you’re entering college just like me.

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1. The Clean Freak

The clean freak is the type of roommate that is crazy about cleaning and organizing everything, which doesn’t sound too bad, right? It means they aren’t messy at all. BUT, it also means that they could get on your case about keeping the room clean at all times. There’s always going to be that possibility of having a chat with the clean freak about your cleanliness if you have scraps of paper scattered all over. Just hope you don’t have this type of roommate if you’re a messy person or have a habit of making messes. Hell may break lose.

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2. The Party Animal

Day or night, this person is always ready to party. They are the social butterfly of the room. No matter what, they want to party. They’re always up for a wild time. They will probably be the person that is never in the dorm or shows up late at night. You could possibly get annoyed with them, or you can be grateful for them because they broke you out of your comfort zone and introduced you to new people.

3. The Control Freak

They will not let you touch their stuff. They want to control everything in the room. You might get yelled just for changing the temperature in the room. They probably won’t let you do anything in the room without their permission. (They might also be the bitch of the room.)

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4.  The Borrower

This person will always borrow your things, with or without asking. Eventually. they’ll end up keeping whatever they borrowed from you. One of these days, you’ll notice them wearing one of your favorite tops and then they’ll say, “Oh I’m borrowing it. I hope you don’t mind.” And then you’ll end up not getting that top back ever again.

5. The Night Owl

It could be 3 a.m. and you know you need your beauty sleep, but your roommate could be up at this time with all of the lights on. Whether it’s watching Netflix or working on that paper that’s due at 9am, this person will be up. It might be okay if it’s easy for you to fall asleep at night, but it could get annoying if you have this type of roommate and you have a hard time falling asleep.

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6. The Ghost

This person seems to never be in the room because they’re always out. Yet, you know that they exist because things move around on their side of the room. You never notice when they come back to sleep, and you never see them in the morning because they’re already gone.

7. The Academic One

Study, study study! This is probably one of the best types of roommates to have if you are in need of a motivational boost. They are always either studying in the room or they’re always in the library. They’re in their own bubble if they have a textbook in front of them. They would probably tell you to leave them alone if you try asking them something while they’re in study mode. BUT, if you ever have a homework question, I’m sure that they would be happy to help.Image result for studying gif

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8. The Go-Getter

They are ready to tackle everything college has to offer. They’re probably going to try and convince you to join every single club and sport with them. I mean, it can be a plus because then you get to meet more people that way. But then, you’d have to schedule everything out your life (clubs, classes, and relaxation time) are all balanced out so you’re not overwhelmed with everything.

9. The Hot Mess

Just a complete mess in general. They’re cleanliness habits are just terrible. Wrappers, papers, crumbs everywhere… all from them… and they don’t clean it up. Your side of the room could be neat and organized and then their side would look like a tornado just blew through there. They might want to have people over in your dorm but you wouldn’t because of how messy the room is.

10. The Early Riser

6 a.m. and your roommate is already getting ready for the day. 5 a.m. if they’re going to workout. It could be a great thing so that you guys can workout together. But it wouldn’t be so great if your class doesn’t start til 10 a.m. and you spent all night working on homework. As long as they’re not too noisy getting ready for the day, I think you should be okay. If they’re alarm is blaring and it wakes you up way too early, then there might be problems.

11. The Passive Aggressive One

They will have a problem with you, but not tell you directly. These types of roommates might write you notes or mention specific things instead. If you don’t acknowledge their hints though, all of their bottled up feelings could cause them to explode.

12. The Perfect One

You guys will be best friends if you aren’t already. You get along with our roommate so quick and have common interests with them. Maybe you guys have classes together and you grow even closer with them. They’re fun to hang out with but not too out of control. And they’re pretty chill so you guys rarely have any problems. Even if you have a problem, you guys make up. (One of the best out of all types of roommates to have!)

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What types of roommates have you encountered? Let us know down below!
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