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Here’s How To Be A Freak In The Sheets And Drive Him Wild

Here’s How To Be A Freak In The Sheets And Drive Him Wild

Sometimes we want to spice things up in the bedroom but we're too shy around our partner. If you want to surprise your guy in the sexiest way possible, here are some tips for how to be a freak in the sheets and have the best sex of both of your lives!

Ladies, can I keep it all the way real about something? We love being in control and being incredible freaks in bed! We love bragging and talking to our girls about how we made a guy moan so loudly well, because…you know why. There are some women though who either are too shy to let their freak side come out in bed or simply don’t know how to be a freak. To not worry, I have a complied a few easy and simple tips for how to be a freak in the sheets that will have your man sprung ….

1. Create an Alter Ego

Beyoncé’s alter ego is Sasha Fierce and being “Sasha Fierce” allows her to do things that she normally wouldn’t do. Create a name for yourself that you find incredibly sexy and that will allow your freakiness to break free. Have your man call you by this name so that way he and you know both know that it is about to be on and popping!

2. Role Play

Role playing is so great because it lets you pretend to be whoever you want. Just like your alter ego does. Pretending to a sexy bad cop, naughty school teacher or seductive doctor, are the usual types of role playing that will have any man on his knees at your mercy.

3. Do New Sex Positions

Missionary and Doggy Style, are among the infamous sex positions we all have done. Sometimes though, you need to switch it up. I know personally that Porn Hub, is a great place to go and watch videos on some new tricks to learn to spice up your freaky.

4. Sexting

Who doesn’t love receiving a freaky text that helps you envision what is to come? :insert heart eyes emoji: Those rain drops, tongue, cherries, peach, eggplant and kitten emoji’s, are there to be used in very freaky ways. Text your man about how you are going to pour chocolate syrup all over his body and then lick it all off. That way, he will be bursting (literally), with anticipation once he sees you.

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5. Use Your Imagination

Don’t be ashamed at all the freak nasty things your mind conjures up, embrace them! Let your imagination soar and run wild when it comes to be being a freak in the sheets. Your man will absolutely love and adore the fact that you are a real freak and love being so for him!

Hopefully this helped you with how to be a freak in the sheets- now, go get your freak on girl!
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