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15 Hilarious Frat House Sex Confessions

15 Hilarious Frat House Sex Confessions

Hey, it happens to the best of us! Keep reading for these 15 hilarious frat house sex confessions, pulled from all over the internet.

When you’re going to a frat party, you can pretty much always expect a few drunk hookup stories to emerge the next day. Sometimes they’re funny to hear, and other times they’re funny to tell. (Hey, it happens to the best of us!) Keep reading for these 15 hilarious frat house sex confessions, pulled from all over the internet.

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1. Um, ew.

“I threw up in a girl’s mouth while we were making out in my fraternity’s chapter room.”

2. Well, that is quite the mix up.

“I accidentally slept with my boyfriend’s brother when I was drunk and thought it was him. Didn’t realize until the morning that it wasn’t.”

3. That is not what Doritos are meant for.

“I once saw one of my brothers get so drunk he attempted to use an empty Doritos bag as a condom.”

4. Hey, sometimes you get a little sleepy.

“I had sex with a random guy I met at a frat party while I was drunk and fell asleep in the middle of it.”

5. And this is why you don’t have sex in a frat house bathroom…

“The girl who I was banging in the bathroom pulled the sink off the wall and I got chased out by all of the bros.”

6. That one’s on you, sir. Literally.

“I had drunk sex at a frat party and threw up. The guy ended up laying in it but didn’t even care. I left in the morning so hopefully he wakes up in them morning thinking its his fault.”

7. Just a little clumsy, you know?

“I broke my tailbone during sex because he tried to pick me up. I told people I fell down the frat house stairs.”

8. Was it that obvious?

“I had drunk sex in front of everyone at the frat party…”

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9. Big mistake. HUGE.

“The cops came during our party and we mistook them as strippers and threw money at them and tried to pull down their pants.”

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10. It was either that or basketball shorts.

“I once had to wear just panties on my walk of shame home because I threw up all over my leggings.”

11. Sometimes you just don’t know your own strength.

“I fought back too hard during a ‘play’ fight and actually kicked the guy off the bed and into his dresser.”

12. Unbeweavable.

“I was pulling her hair and her weave came out.”

13. Yeah, going to skip the punch bowl next time.

“I was on top of a guy and was so drunk from the jungle juice that I threw up all over him.”

14. Just a little mid-hookup snack.

“I covered this frat guys face with a sheet and told him not to move til I came back. He thought it was really hot, but I was just sneaking off to get some Cheetos.”

15. An accent can make you seem exotic.

“I came out of a blackout during sex and realized I had been faking a Dutch accent all night… she was not amused.”

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