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15 Tips To Have Amazing Outdoor Sex

15 Tips To Have Amazing Outdoor Sex

Once you get past the bugs, police, and possible injuries, having sex outside is the best! Here are 15 tips to have amazing outdoor sex!

Whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life or just really love having sex outside, there are certain things you have to be careful for. Once you get past the bugs, police, and possible injuries, outdoor sex is a thrill and can be some of the best sex you’ll have. To make the most out of your experience, here are 15 tips to have amazing outdoor sex!

1. Come prepared

Outdoor sex isn’t always the safest. There are bugs, sharp objects, and the chance that you will be caught (which could lead to being arrested), yikes. If you plan on having outdoor sex, make sure you have plenty of blankets, lube, first aid kits, bug spray, and any other essential you can think of.

2. Do some research on where you’re going

Make sure that the place you’re going to isn’t super popular, because then it won’t be private. Also, make sure that there isn’t a police detail there to catch you in the act.

3. Lay down a sleeping bag for sex on the beach

Sex on the beach isn’t as glamorous as movies make it out to be. BUT, it can still be amazing! Just make sure you lay down plenty of blanket with a sleeping bag on top to ensure that you aren’t exposing yourself to any bacteria or bugs.

15 Tips To Have Amazing Outdoor Sex

4. Don’t fully go into the water for ocean/pool sex

Sex in any body of water is never a good idea if you’re fully submerged. First off, men can’t wear condoms in the water, which is a huge no-no. USE CONDOMS. On top of that, women aren’t able to naturally lubricate in the water, so lube is necessary. Women are also at higher risk of getting infections from the water.

SO, if you want to have sex in the water, you can do so, but only half way in. Sit on the edge of the pool while your partner is in the water, knee-deepish, so that you aren’t putting yourself at risk and he can still where a condom. For sex in the ocean, go at night and enter the water thigh deep. Try different positions standing up.

15 Tips To Have Amazing Outdoor Sex

5. Pin a blanket to the tree before woods sex

If you’re the adventurous type and are going to have sex in the woods, try bringing pins and pinning a blanket against a tree so you can lean on it. This will avoid your back from getting scratched up as you and your partner go at it.

6. Have multiple sleeping bags for sex under the stars

There is nothing more romantic than having sex under the stars. No matter where you are doing it, make sure you have plenty of blankets and sleeping bags to keep the bugs away. Bug spray would be a good idea too.

7. Find a waterfall location

Waterfall spots are the next most romantic place to have sex. It is so peaceful to listen to and is just all around beautiful. Bring your blankets and sweep each other away as the waterfall flows behind you!

15 Tips To Have Amazing Outdoor Sex

8. Try sex in a kayak or canoe

This is definitely a tricky one, but is always fun. Take a kayak or canoe out on to the lake and try having sex. I would recommend you sit in your partners lap and ride him to start so you can both get your balance. Once you have a rhythm, without falling in, you will have some amazing outdoor sex!

9. Have raft sex in the middle of a lake

Having sex on a raft provides a lot more balance than on a canoe or kayak and still gives you the thrill of being in the middle of the lake. Try this at sunset to make it really romantic!

10. Try a lifeguard chair instead of the sand

If the sand isn’t for you (I don’t blame you), there are still other ways to have sex at the beach! Climb up the lifeguard chair, lay a blanket down, and have some amazing sex with an amazing view.

11. Make use of a swing set and playground

Believe it or not, people swear by having sex on a swing. Sit on the swing and allow your partner to push you back and forth as he goes in and out of you. The thrill of being in a public location makes it even better.

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12. Try sex tailgating with a view

Who said tailgating was just for football games and concerts??? Take your car to a location, or just stay in the driveway, and open the trunk. Climb on in and have some steamy sex.

13. Head to the rooftop

If you have a house that has a stable, flat rooftop or you live in a building where you have access to the rooftop, definitely try to have sex there. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world, making the sex sooooo good. Just be careful and don’t go to the edge.

15 Tips To Have Amazing Outdoor Sex

14. Picnic table

Whether you’re at a park or at the beach, a picnic table is a great spot to have sex. You don’t have to worry as much about bugs and it’s a sturdy surface. Just lay a few blankets down!

15. Tent it up in your yard, at the beach, or in the woods

Go on a little camping trip with your partner, even if it’s only in the back yard. Pitch a tent with plenty of comfy blankets and have wild sex under the stars.

15 Tips To Have Amazing Outdoor Sex

Do you have any other tips for amazing outdoor sex?! Share in the comments below!

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