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12 Hairstyles To Wear For Your BFF’s Wedding

12 Hairstyles To Wear For Your BFF’s Wedding

Weddings are so unique. Bringing a group of people together to celebrate the love and joining of two people. It is quite a beautiful thing. And now it is your BFF’s big day and things are going to be perfect! The cake will taste and look amazing. Her dress will fit just right. The decorations will be spot on. Now, you are probably apart of the wedding party and the bride is counting on you to make sure you look great. 

If you are a bridesmaid, your dress is probably already set. However, you still need to worry about makeup and hair! Are you going to go with a natural look or are you going to use bright makeup? Do you want your hair up or down? Curled or straight? These are questions you will probably be asking yourself and the bride before the big day arrives. 

If you are getting nervous and can’t decide on what to do, here are twelve amazingly gorgeous and easy wedding hairstyles that might help you decide what look you are going for on this very special day. 


1. Braided Crown 

I always go back and forth between long and short hair, but whenever I have short hair, I feel like I never can figure out what to do with it. But then, I see wedding hairstyles like this one and I think, why have I not tried this out? 

This wedding hairstyle can be pulled off with most hair lengths actually. Loosely curl your hair to give it a bit of a wave. Take a large amount of hair that frames the face and start braiding it over your head like a crown. After you secure it with a hair tie, Start to pull the braid out a bit to give it that chunky look. 

If you are in the wedding party and need to make it a bit fancier, you could add in some sparkly pins or pearl pins inside the braid. Just check to make sure that is okay with the bride since it is her day! 


2. Bangs that Frame 

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, and many other hairstyles as well, framing the face is super important because your face is so beautiful and that is what is kind of the main focus of a person. So, with wedding hairstyles like this, you can use your bangs, if you have them, to frame your face while the rest of your hair is kind of pulled back. 

With this hairstyle, two large braids are loosely formed to pull the hair back from the face while two smaller strands of hair are left hanging by the face. I recommend giving them a slight curl as well as the rest of the hair that is down and around your shoulders to give an elegant look for the day. 


3. Braid to Buns

Everybody’s hair is so different, so finding wedding hairstyles that work for you may take some time. Hopefully, there is one style out of all these wedding hairstyles that work really well for you. A great updo hairstyle is having tight braids from the top of your head come down to the back. Don’t braid all of the hair as some of it will be put into buns at the base of your neck. Leave a few strands of hair pulled out by the face to add some framing as well as give the hairstyle a little bit of a looser look. 


4. Fishtail Braid Pinup 

Braids are a great way to accomplish wedding hairstyles. You can get so many different looks that are very elegant looking and perfect for that wedding setting. Technically, this is a cheating fishtail braid as each braid is really two clumps of hair tied together from both sides of the head and then tucked into each other to give off that fishtail braided look. 

Though it is not a real fishtail braid, the way this hairstyle is achieved is a lot simpler than actually fishtail braiding. Once the braid look is finished, the bottom of the hair is pulled underneath the braid and pined to hide the ends and ties. Leave some strands of hair out so that it frames your face. 


5. Braid Half Ponytail

Don’t feel bad if you don’t want something super extravagant. There are some really great simple wedding hairstyles out there. This one is pretty simple and it will look beautiful! You are going to be doing a half ponytail but braiding the pulled-back hair. Curl the hair that hangs down to your shoulders to give a wavy look that also adds volume to the hairstyle. 

6. Fishtail Braid 

I absolutely love fishtail braids and I think they work so well for wedding hairstyles. This hairstyle is like the last fishtail braid as it is kind of a cheated braid. Each part of the braid is actually two clumps of hair tied together and tucked into each other to give that fishtail braid effect. But if you are willing to take the time, I think you could achieve the same hairstyle by doing an actual fishtail braid. Don’t do take the braid all of the way down to give it that half braid half ponytail look. 


7. Sleek and Curled 

You can never go wrong with a sleek and curled wedding hairstyle. This look is very classy and elegant and goes perfectly with sleek and close-fitting dresses. Make sure to part your hair so that it frames your face. Add some hairspray to bump up your hair a bit because leaving it down might make your hair look weighed down and that volume will go away. 


8. Crown Braid with Volume

This wedding hairstyle is very similar to the first one but the hair is not curled and there is more hair pulled back to give a voluminous bump on top. The braided crown will give some decoration to the style. It also pulls the hair away from your face while also keeping it down. 

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9.  Sparkly Pin

We need some sparkle with these wedding hairstyles and here it is! Hair accessories are a must with wedding hairstyles and this one is perfect for bridesmaids and I would even say the bride herself. Curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron because you want those thicker curls that will surround your shoulders. 

Pull two hair clumps back and twist them as you go. Tie the two together and then push them through the tie inwards to hide the end as well as give it the folded in look you see below. Add your sparkly accessory and you are good to go! 


10. Box Braids 

Like I have said before, braids are great wedding hairstyles because you can do so much with them. We’ve seen a full braid down, braided crowns, fishtail braids, and now we have the box braids. Box braids are an interesting style but they are so beautiful. This hairstyle might have to be done at a salon, but it is such an elegant look that is perfect for the wedding style. 

11. The Sparkly Pin Back 

The great thing about wedding hairstyles is that you can use some awesome hair accessories to make sure your hair is wedding-ready. With this hairstyle, you want to give it a slight curl so that it doesn’t just hang down. The curls will give your hair a really nice volume. You can also add some hair mousse so that it styles just the way you want. 


Pick out a couple of sparkly or fancy pins that match your outfit for the wedding. Pick the side that has less volume and pin it back with the accessories. If you like, you can pin your hair back showing your ear like in the photo, or just pin the top of your hair if you don’t want it all the way pinned back. 

12. Loose Curled Ponytail

Wedding hairstyles always have a touch of elegance to them but also a little party flare, because weddings are parties! You’ve heard of those business in the front party in the back hairstyles, right? Well, that is what this is. You have the strands of hair hanging loosely which frames the face while the hair is pulled up into a ponytail in the back. The hair is pulled up a bit on top to give it some volume and the hair is curled. This hairstyle is perfect for the lovely ceremony as well as the party afterward. 


It is a big day when your best friend gets married. Whether you are in the wedding party or not, you are going to want to look great as well! These wedding hairstyles are easy and gorgeous and will make you look almost as beautiful as the bride. What are some of your go-to wedding hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below. 

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