10 Best After Shave Products Every Guy Needs

If you aren’t putting something on your face after you shave, you’re probably experiencing a few extra bumps and nicks. To prevent any of that mess, check out these 10 best after shave products every guy needs.

1. After-Shave Balm by Lather & Wood Shaving Co.

This balm is alcohol free, so it won’t sting your face. This product comes in either a sandalwood scent or unscented.

After shave products

2. After Shave Lotion by Pinaud Clubman

This lotion will soothe your skin and heal your razor nicks. One customer raves “if you want to smell like a MAN, you need to be using Clubman.”

After shave products

3. Burt’s Bees

This formula is made with a combination of sunflower and coconut oils, so you will smell great. It is almost entirely natural, so it is a product you can feel good about putting on your face.

After shave products

4. Caffeinated After Shave by Pacific Shaving Company

This is a product that will really wake you up! Packed with antioxidant-rich and naturally-derived caffeine, this formula will make your face soft, smooth, and tingly.

After shave products

5. Hydra Energetic After Shave Balm by L’Oreal Paris Men Expert

This product is unique in that it contains SPF 15, which will protect your skin from the sun.

After shave product

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6. After Shave by Old Spice

This classic scent will make you feel crisp and cool. Perfect for after your shower or shave.

After shave product

7. Advanced Anti-Aging After Shave Balm by Shaveology

This 2-in-1 product not only prevents razor burn and soothes your skin like a regular one would, it also has some serious anti-again properties in it.

After shave products

8. Instant Relief After Shave by Brickell

This product contains hyaluronic acid, so it won’t clog your pores and will rejuvenate your skin. It also works to protect your skin from future irritation.

After shave products9. After Shave and Face Tonic by Lucky Tiger

This citrus scent will have you feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.

10. Double Action Shave Balm by Nivea

This balm will soothe and energize your face after shaving. “No sting, no mess, no problems,” says one review.

After shave products

What is your favorite after shave product? Tell us in the comments below!
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