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10 Stunning Box Braid Hair Styles You Will Fall In Love With

10 Stunning Box Braid Hair Styles You Will Fall In Love With

Have the best hair for box braids? Here are 10 box braid hair styles to try.Regardless of your hair for box braids, these looks are universal. Try them out!

For those of you who don’t already know, box braids are the absolute best way to protect your natural hair and extend it. After having your box braid hair installed, you pretty much have access to several versatile hairstyles. Essence has the best article for figuring out which box braiding style works best for you.  Making sure your braids look trendy and chic for every occasion is essential. Regardless of what you think the best hair for box braids is, these box braid hair styles are timeless and universal.

The High Pony

This is a seriously easy go-to box braid hairstyle definitely worth testing out. Having big, small, short or long braids won’t affect the level of chicness achieved with this hairstyle. This style not only slimming to your face but can be accessorized with gold hair cuffs. Try this look out for a girl’s night out – you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Twisted High Bun

Talk about one of the easiest box braid hairstyles. This stunning updo is seriously versatile. You can achieve a loose, high or low bun depending on what you are feeling. If you opt for a high bun, opt for small hoop earrings; you don’t want to have too many things going on all at once.


Braided Half Updo

Another easy and stunning hairstyle; this look is perfect for weddings or any other occasion were you need to get dressed up. A bold red lip wouldn’t look too bad either with this whimsical box braid hairdo.

Box Braids In Two French Braid Pigtails

If you’ve got smaller box braids this look is perfect for you. Box braid French braids are the ultimate. This adds a serious amount of edge and flair to your look effortlessly. Men find pigtails sexy so this is the perfect date night hairstyle.

Fishtale Side Braid

You just can’t go wrong with this look either. It’s casual and easy to achieve. Smaller braids work best for the fishtale braid look but if you’ve got bigger box braids, opt for the regular braiding approach.


Box Braid High Bun With Scarf

Spice it up with a scarf or head wrap. Scarfs are great hiding tools for any day when your braids start to get a bit messy. It’s an eloquent and beautiful way to flair up an outfit that isn’t too out there.

Box Braids Twist

Since box braids are a versatile hairstyle, this is a cute and simple hairstyle. The twist makes your hair look polished. You take two strands of your braids and twist them around each other. Pretty easy if you ask me. Feel free to do your whole head or just a few strands to add some volume to your hair.

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Braided Top Knot.

This is a pretty popular box braid hairstyle you’ve probably already seen. Take a simple top knot to the next level by separating your braids into two sections. With the top section, form a half-up ponytail and take a hairband to secure it. Then separate your ponytail into three sections to braid. Secure that with an elastic hairband and twist the braid around the pony. Still pretty simple and really cute!

Space Buns

This is a fun hairstyle that is playful and cute. It’s a half updo that shows your face and is really easy to pull off! You can even do two space buns without your hair half-down. Pull it all up there and you really have yourself a fun hairdo.

Hair Ringed Box Braids

This look takes your simple braids and makes them look edgy and almost bohemian. These are the perfect bohemian outfit ideas to match with your hair! Fancy hair rings are the easiest way to accessorize your hair. They look insanely cool and are really easy to put in. Here is how you can put in hair rings! This look is perfect for any concert or music festival you might be going to.