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The Ultimate List Of Makeup Products You Need In Your Routine

The Ultimate List Of Makeup Products You Need In Your Routine

We all love makeup, but now more than ever there is so much to choose from that it’s hard to know what is the best. This is a guide to the ultimate list of makeup products you need so that you can know what to buy next the time you feel like treating yourself to something new.

1. Foundation

Foundation is the classic base. This one from Makeup Forever has solid coverage. Some people like to wear foundation on the daily, but other people save it for nighttime or for special events. It all depends on how much coverage you like to wear. If you want higher coverage, this is a good option as one of the makeup products you need!

2. BB Cream

This has less coverage than a foundation, but is more lightweight. The coverage is buildable so you can add a little more for those days when you need it. BB Cream has benefits for your skin and won’t clog your pores as much as a traditional foundation.


3. CC Cream

CC Cream is similar to BB Cream in that they both provide benefits for your skin. It has a lightweight feel, but with a medium coverage. This one from It Cosmetics is great because it has a good amount of SPF, which makes it perfect to wear everyday.

4. Tinted Moisturizer

This is my favorite product for those days when I don’t want to wear makeup, but I still want to look presentable. It’s the perfect base if you want a minimal amount of coverage. This product is very lightweight and takes away redness. Paired with a good concealer, it is a great everyday base. Definitely one of the ultimate makeup products you need!


5. Concealer

Concealer was the first product I ever owned and I think it is an essential for everyone’s makeup bag and one of the ultimate makeup products you need.  This one from Nars is very highly rated and lots of people, from makeup artists to YouTube beauty gurus love it. This one suits many types of skin needs, so if you are unsure what you want it is a good bet. It will cover blemishes, discoloration, and under eye circles.


6. Primer

Primer can be mysterious. Why do people use primer? Primer is useful if you are wearing a full face for a long time, or in high heat, etc. So, basically primer helps makeup stay on your face and makes it apply better by creating a smooth and even base. This Smashbox one is very popular and good for a large range of skin types.



7. Setting Spray

Like primer, setting spray helps your makeup last longer. Primer goes on first and setting spray goes on last, like a seal. This one from NYX is good for oily skin, but they have other setting sprays for different types of skin needs and it definitely one of the ultimate makeup products you need!

8. Translucent Powder

I can’t live without powder, especially translucent powder because it is particularly versatile. It can be used with a heavy hand if you have oily skin, or just in the places where you need to set makeup if you have drier skin. It also can be used for a more natural look, because it doesn’t add extra coverage, but it can be used for glam looks to set a full face. It can also be used to make any part of your face matte, so you can dust a light layer over a lipstick to take away the shine.


9. Pressed Powder

Pressed powder can add coverage to foundation, but can also be used by itself for a natural and matte look. Pressed powder is not quite as versatile as translucent powder, but it is portable and you can throw it in your bag. This is great if you have a long school day, or have to head somewhere right after the gym.



10. Highlight

Highlight has been one of the biggest makeup trends of the past few years. It is great to make your natural features pop. This one from Becca is amazing and they offer a range of colors to suit different undertones. Apply it to the tops of the cheekbones, the center of the nose, and cupid’s bow. Highlighter is fun for a night out, but can also make your face look bright and awake when you make not feel so perky.


11. Contour

Contour is one of the most intimidating makeup products because most people do not know how to apply it or where to start. A contour kit like this one from Kat Von D is perfect because it has a range of shades and puts it all in one place. Contouring is like drawing on your face, the dark colors go on the parts you want to shade and light colors go on places you want to accentuate. It’s actually easy to contour, don’t leave it up to the makeup artists because you can do it too!

12. Liquid Blush

This is not a traditional product, but it is great for a natural look. Stains like this one are great because they give your face a more natural finish. I use stains lots, especially in the summer when I want to keep my look lighter. This one from Milk has natural ingredients your skin will love so you can keep your face hydrated.


13. Powder Blush

If you have oily skin, powder blush is a good option because it will keep you matte all day. Blush is good because foundation takes the natural redness away from your face, so blush adds the color back in.


14. Bronzer

Bronzer is one of my favorite makeup products that I cannot live without and therefore one of the makeup products you need. It is a must for all looks because it adds color and dimension to your face. Foundation can take away dimension from your face, so bronzer adds it back in and gives you a healthy glow that gives the impression that you don’t spend all day inside watching Netflix.

15. Eye Palette

There are so many different eyeshadow palettes that it is hard to choose just one, but this one from Too Faced is a good all around palette. The eyeshadows have good pigment, are bendable, and smell like chocolate! I think that the Chocolate Bar palette is particularly nice because it has matte and shimmery shadows and the range of colors can be used for everything from natural day looks to a dark smoky eye.


16. Eyeshadow Single

Singles are often neglected, but I use them all the time because you can buy a particular color. They are also great for traveling because it is much more practical to bring one or two shadows rather than a full palette. These shadows are definitely one of the ultimate makeup products you need.


17. Mascara

They’re Real from Benefit is my all time favorite mascara and it gets great reviews for a good reason. It holds a curl, lengthens, defines, volumizes, doesn’t clump, and most importantly it stays on ALL DAY. I cannot recommend this enough. You can build it up for a glam look, or just apply it at the roots of your lashes for a more subtle look.



18. More Mascara

I had to include another mascara. Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced is tied with They’re Real for the best mascara at Sephora. The brush coats every lash and the formula stays all day. It is also buildable, which is a key feature of a good mascara, so you can make your lashes look unreal or stick to a more natural look.



19. Eyeliner Liquid

Pen eyeliner is easy to apply and this one from Kat Von D stays all day. It doesn’t skip and takes the stress out of making the perfect “Kat” eye. Get it?

20. Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner pencil is not as easy to apply to the lash line, but is great for a smoky look or to emphasize under the eye. This one from Urban Decay because it doesn’t move around during the day.



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21. Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow products are all about personal preference. I think that pencil is the easiest method to get your brows looking sharp. This one from Anastasia is very popular and comes in a ton of shades. If you’re blonde, go for a color a few shades darker than your hair. If you have dark hair choose a shade that matches or is a bit lighter than your hair color.



22. Eyebrow Gel

Gel tames your brow hair so it is perfect is you want to do your brows in a few seconds or if you have long and wild eyebrow hairs. It can also be used on top of powder or pencil to set the color.

23. Eyebrow Powder

I personally prefer eyebrow powder because I can use multiple colors on my brows. I typically make the middle of my brows and the ends a bit darker and the front lighter. It is good to make them more gradient, so they don’t look like blocks on your face.


24. Eye Primer

Eye primer is an essential, especially if you are going out at night. It keeps your shadow on and ensures that all the work you put into your eyeshadow doesn’t go to waste. It prevents creasing on the lid, but you can also use it to prime your undereyes if your concealer often creases too.


25. Lipstick

This is probably the most classic makeup product and one of the ultimate makeup products you need. Everyone should have a good lipstick in a color that makes you feel confident. This one from YSL is creamy and comes in lots of shades. Plus the packing is extra glamorous and is fun to have in your purse.



26. Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick has been a big trend in the last few years. Liquid lipsticks are a good option if your want the color to last a long time. Kylie Jenner popularized the matte liquid lipstick, but matte lips are out and gloss is in. This lip vinyl from Milk Makeup will keep your lips poppin’ all day long.

27. Lipliner

Lipliner can be used under a lipstick to keep the color on longer, or on their own. They are good when you want a precise application and want to prevent the color from bleeding or smudging.


28. Lipgloss

Everyone loves lipgloss because people are attracted to shiny objects. This one from Buxom is one of my favorites and is a bestseller because it is very glossy and the shine lasts for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying. I also love this one because it has a minty taste which plumps up your lips.


29. Lip Balm

Everyone needs lip balm. It’s a fact. This one is natural, has a great smell, and makes your lips feel hydrated.

30. Lip Scrub

Lip scrub is a good product to have in your makeup arsenal, especially in the winter when it is inevitable that your lips will get dry. Lip scrub takes the dry skin off and leaves you with supple and kissable lips.


What are the makeup products you need? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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