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The Best Mens Hair Products Under $20

The Best Mens Hair Products Under $20

Check out these mens hair products under $20 (that are definitely a step up from the stuff you've had sitting in your medicine cabinet for a 100 years.)

Mens hair products are a whole new world. Some are designed to strengthen your hair, some will keep your hair in place all day, and some will even double as a body wash. Check out these mens hair products under $20 (that are definitely a step up from the stuff you’ve had sitting in your medicine cabinet for a 100 years.)

1. Matte Separation by TIGI Bed Head For Men

This workable wax is matte, so it will give you that perfect disheveled look all day long.


2. Daily Shampoo by Every Man Jack

This shampoo is great for any hair type! It is sodium and sulfate free, so it won’t strip your hair of any natural oils. This shampoo is also made with natural essential peppermint oils, so your hair will smell amazing.

3. Styling Gel by Woody’s Quality Grooming

This gel has a light to medium hold, so it won’t leave your hair feeling like a helmet. It also has a handy pump at the top, so you can style your hair in 30 seconds flat.

4. Platinum Protect 3-in-1 by Nivea

Alrighty, lazy boys. This product is shampoos, deodorizes, and is a body wash all in one. For $3.79. You’re welcome.


5. Hydrating Fiber Cream by Smooth Viking

This molding wax will give you the hold and style you’re looking for without all of the unnecessary shine. Plus, it increases fullness in thinning hair, which is an amazing bonus.

6. Hydration Remedy Conditioner by Rugged and Dapper

This conditioner will hydrate your scalp, hair, and even your beard if you’ve got one.


7. Utility Gel Mousse by SheaMoisture

This gel mousse will add body and shine to your hair while also smoothing and hydrating. The perfect combination.

8. 2 in 1 Old Spice Pure Sport by Head and Shoulders

This shampoo and conditioner has the manly scent of Old Spice you’re looking for and will get rid of any dandruff you may have. Win, win for mens hair products!


9. Hair Stimulating Shampoo by Kröning Signature Black Bottle

This shampoo not only prevents hair loss, it promotes hair growth, as well. This is the perfect product to try if you’re worried about losing any strands!

10. Pomade by Rocky Mountain Barber Company

This pomade is best for slicked back looks. This product is also water-based, so it will wash out easily and won’t strip your hair of its natural oils.


11. Moisturizing Shampoo by Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers

This shampoo not only cleanses and nourishes your hair, it removes build up as it hydrates.


12. Cooling Conditioner by American Crew

This delicious citrus mint scent will give a nice little boost to your shower routine. It penetrates deep to stimulate hair at the root, so it will help fight flaky scalps and moisturize all day.

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13. Construction Paste by Paul Mitchell

This product has a mesh-like pliability to it, so you can shape and shift your hair into just about any style you want.

14. High Shine Hair Cream by Brylcreem

This cream will condition your hair while still giving you a great amount of shine and hold throughout the day.

15. Daily Strengthening Shampoo by Brickell

Using all natural ingredients, this shampoo will strengthen your hair. It works on any hair type, especially those with thinning or dull hair.


16. Miracle 3-in-1 by It’s a 10

This 3-in-1 will shampoo and condition your hair, and is gentle enough to use as a body wash, too. It also works to detangle your hair while adding shine.

18. Mode Styling Gel by Johnny B

If you’re sick of your gel causing build up on your hair, this product is for you. You’ll get a good hold with this gel, but it will wash right out at the end of the day.


19. Finish Up Conditioner by Redken

This strengthening conditioner will leave your hair strong, shiny, and more manageable.

20. Quality Shampoo by Krieger and Söhne

This shampoo uses teatree oil to combat pesky dandruff, dry scalp, and even prevent hair loss.

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