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The Stunning Hair Hack Of Fashion Month: Velcro Hair Accessories

The Stunning Hair Hack Of Fashion Month: Velcro Hair Accessories

Velcro hair accessories have taken 2017 Fall Fashion Week to the next level. You can turn your hair accessories into stable gorgeous pieces with velcro!

It’s official, 2017 Fall Fashion month is coming to a close. Over the duration of the past couple weeks I’ve kept a close eye on beauty trends that are quickly emerging this season. The consensus; schoolgirl hair. For those of you curious what that look entails it’s center-parted hair tucked away behind your ears. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong, these simple hairstyles have been spruced up with the classiest of hair accessories. However, famous hairstylist Matt Fugate let us in on the secret to achieving hair accessory success: Velcro. Yep, that’s right! While going platinum, the high pony, flat waves and blunt bobs are 2017 hair trends on the rise, the accompaniment of Velcro hair accessories make the school girl hairstyle an easy go-to.

The 411 On Velcro Hair Accessories

Alongside the hairpins and hairspray found in Fugate’s runway kit is Velcro. While jeweled headbands and barrettes made their mark on fall fashion week, we all know these cute accessories always call for an adjustment. With big statement hair accessories comes major slippage. No one wants slouchy hair jewels; not cute. Our jeweled headbands always slide into some unattractive position and we usually end up stuffing them into our purse. Constantly readjusting your hair all night is potentially the most annoying thing. Lucky for us Fugate’s trick is perfect for everyday wear not just photo-shoots or runway debuts.

2017 Milan Fashion Week has already debated Bottega Veneta’s hair-look as the prettiest to debut #accessories. Forget about Gucci’s Little Lord Fauntleroy curls or Prada’s precise bobs. Antique silver hair accessories with deep side parts stole the show. After Dolce and Gabbana’s spring runway show last year with crowns galore, it was safe to expect hair accessories would be a trademark in his Milan Fashion Week show. Thanks to Velcro hair accessories, these stunningly over-sized crowns and flowers were in tact!


Fugate attaches a small piece of Velcro to the inside of whatever hair accessory being applied. Seriously – it works for everyday use if you are using the plastic hook side of the Velcro. This strategy forces those beautiful hair pieces to stay in place. You can imagine using the soft side of the Velcro will achieve jack-shit. If you’ve already invested in an accessory, you don’t need to worry! Rolls of Velcro tape cost less than $5 at any craft store.

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Lucky for us we can finally put our heavy jeweled headbands to good use! Forget about Scunci’s ugly Velcro hair accessories – it’s all about taking our chic preowned accessories and sticking Velcro to them. Velcro rolls already have adhesive applied to them and are precut. Not only does this make our life that much easier but saves our life from tossing our rarely used hair accessories. One pack is enough to reinforce your entire headband collection!

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