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5 Fun-Filled Date Nights In Boston

5 Fun-Filled Date Nights In Boston

Planning ordinary dates isn’t too difficult, however, if you want to go above and beyond a date takes careful preparation and planning. Don’t fall into a habit of boring date nights; Every couple needs special nights and new experiences. Here are five fun-filled date nights in Boston!

1. Dinner and Concert

As a prominent city, Boston hosts hundreds of concerts every year, some big enough for the TD Garden and others at smaller venues. It’s fairly easy to find an artist that you love for a moderately reasonable price, so find a date when they are in town and turn it into a special occasion. Concerts tend to start late so you’ll have plenty of time for casual or formal dinner beforehand.

Walking across the city can be a hassle and some places may not have space for a quick walk-in so make sure you plan accordingly ahead of time; Make a reservation for somewhere nearby. Dinner and a concert make for a long, fun-filled evening and an unforgettable date night. 

5 Fun-Filled Date Nights In Boston

2. Ice Skating and Walk

The Boston winters are cold and harsh and aren’t known for giving much more than an annoying amount of snow and dreary weather. They do however offer a couple of cool outdoor date activities. If it’s not too cold (in Boston standards) go to Frog Pond at the Boston Common and experience the wonders of outdoor skating.

Take a nice swift skate on the pond with your date and follow it up with a walk across Boston under the stars. The city is a beautiful place to spend your evening, plus talking and getting to know one another can be facilitated with movements such as skating and walking.       

5 Fun-Filled Date Nights In Boston                

3. Shopping and Lunch

If you ever feel motivated to wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday, Newbury Street is a great spot to go. Find a weekend full of sales and hit Newbury for a full morning of shopping. There are dozens upon dozens of stores to go to, ranging from the lower-end to high-end clothing, and plenty of trendy restaurants too.

Proposing the idea of shopping and lunch out in the city is something that most girls would never refuse and will earn you some “awesome boyfriend” points. If you have a free morning then head into the city and make it a date. Newbury Street is easily accessible from public transportation, however, parking may be a hassle. 

5 Fun-Filled Date Nights In Boston

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4. Red Sox Game

Not much matches the feeling of a warm summer evening during the summer or early fall, and that feeling is in full effect at Fenway Park. Finding a game to go to is easy with about 80 home game options and tickets are generally cheap for an ordinary regular-season game. Baseball fans or not, Fenway is always an amazing spot for a date night. You’ll have a great view of the starry night sky and will feel outdoors while also sheltered within a beautiful, hundred-year-old stadium. 

5 Fun-Filled Date Nights In Boston

5. Superlux Theater, Chestnut Hill

Generally, for dates, a movie theater isn’t the most exciting place to go, but Superlux is a game-changing experience when it comes to watching movies. At Superlux Theater in Chestnut Hill, you’ll be introduced to the art of fine dining within a movie theater. Order delicious meals and drinks to your seats and enjoy the movie without buttery popcorn fingers. You’ll surely feel classy and fancy during this unique experience and it will be a step up from your ordinary couch movie.

5 Fun-Filled Date Nights In Boston

What are your ideal date nights in Boston? Comment below to share!

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