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17 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Northeastern

17 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Northeastern

Whether you’re with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or your squad (is bae still a thing?) – here are some killer date ideas to do around Northeastern before the city freezes over. And if you don’t do any of these, at least try somewhere that isn’t Rebecca’s. Also, these are under 21 friendly for the youngish and cradle-robbers out there.

If you’re broke AF

1. Museum of Fine Arts

The classic -and classical- free choice nearby. Extra points for funny snap captions & pretentious art descriptions (tip: use the word juxtapose).


2. Boston Public Library

Also free, with some Instagram-worthy gardens. Be cliche and make out behind a bookshelf. Yolo. Or you could like, read or something.

3. The Lawn on D

Don’t know what else is here besides dope swings, but do it for the gram. Girls love the Lawn on D.

If you like walking around after dinner (while it’s still warm enough to do so)

4. Harvard Square

Orinoco is a lit Venezuelan restaurant and it checks all the boxes – outdoor seating, string lights, cheap and delicious food. It’s very close to Harvard Square so take a stroll around after your tequeños. If you didn’t catch that hint, order the tequeños.

5. Beacon Hill

Tatte is a cute bakery with less of a wait than Paramount if you can snag a table. Then, you can head on over to Acorn Street for some cute historical Boston. Make some corny jokes.

6. Any restaurant on Newbury Street

And that includes Shake Shack, because who doesn’t love Shake Shack?

Pro-Tip: Brunch is the move

7. Thorntons on Huntington

For when you’re too hungover to travel any further.

8. Loco Taqueria in Southie

If you’re tryna explore the cute hipster brunch-land that is Southie. Try the life-changing breakfast burrito.

9. Breakfast Club in Allston

If you like the portions, options, charm of old-school diners, and even the movie.

10. Zinnekens in Harvard Square

You know that waffle food truck outside Speare sometimes? Who needs that convenience, just head all the way over to Cambridge to the brick-and-mortar version! Remember to make reservations or call ahead everywhere, because no one brunches like Boston.

If you want to be romantic

11. Top of the Hub

Another classic, but a bit pricey on a college budget. Just go up the observatory for a more wallet-friendly option. Enjoy the #Views.

12. Kayaking on the Charles River

While it’s still warm, of course. Could it BE any cuter?

See Also

13. The North End

Another classic!! See a pattern?? But seriously, get some good Italian food, even if it’s just pizza from Regina. Make sure to add a bottle of wine (you could bring your own and drink it by water) and don’t you dare leave without going to Mike’s Pastries. Or Modern Pastry, they have fresher cannolis but fewer flavor options.

If you love sweets

14. Cafe Fleuri at the Langham Hotel

It’s where you go hard, and get to feel #fancy. $40 for an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet filled with delicious and artistic desserts. Make a reservation, and tell your date to fast beforehand. Shits about to get real, and you’re about to win some major points. And maybe a couple pounds.


15. Blackbird Doughnuts

A hole-in-the-wall in the South End filled with delicious and funky donuts that you’ll go nuts for. You’ll never go back to Dunkin (as if you ever went to Dunks for the donuts anyways).

If you want to make memories

16. Skyzone Trampoline Park

What?? A super fun date and a workout all in one?! Confuse your friends when you come back all sweaty!

17. Boda Borg

I saved the best for last, of course! Ever wanted to have that “Wake up loser, we’re going on an adventure” moment? This is as close as you’ll get. I’m still dying to go here (cough cough, someone take a hint). Think of the Escape Room from that Bachelorette episode, except there’s an even more fun room waiting for you once you get out of that room. And then #AnothaOne. Bring a group, wear comfy clothes, and don’t pregame too much because you’ll want your wits about you. But no one said anything about post-gaming. Also check out this video to see what the hell it even is, and to get freakin stoked.

Do you feel inspired after reading this list of 17 date ideas to do around Northeastern or have another idea to add to the list? Comment below!
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