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Everything You Need To Do In Houston This Summer

Everything You Need To Do In Houston This Summer

Everything You Need To Do In Houston This Summer

It’s summer time in Houston so you know what that means…ironically enough,  leaving your house and finding things to do in this scorching weather. While Houston may have the most humid weather in all the South, it also has the most cultural diversity and it shows! There are so many festivals, from Greek to Brazilian that will keep the whole family entertained.

These festivals will have you realizing Houston has more to offer besides oil, the Medical center and the Astros.

1. Mediterranean Festival- May 4, 2019 Beaumont, Tx

Not having a fun summer? Put a little Windex on it! “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” fans will get it *wink wink*. If you love everythig Greek in life from Feta and olives to their rich, rich history then The Mediterranean Festival is the place to be! Go soak in that profound history as the festival  celebrates an 100 year-old custom called the Syrian Dinner. They’ve been practicing it for 100 years, it must be delicious.

Beyond culinary heaven the festival will also have Green and Arabic dance troupe performances, face painting, and- while not the biggest fan-camel rides. The entire family can bask in the Mediterranean goodness without the expensive flight to Mykonos. There is something for everyone. Don’t eat meat? Don’t worry we make you lamb.

Everything You Need To Do In Houston This Summer

2. Houston Dragon Boat Festival- May 4, 2019 Buffalo Bayou

This festival puts the phrase dinner and a show to shame. Not only will you have the ability to chow down on some fantastic Asian cuisine but you’ll also get to witness the 17th Annual Dragon Boat Race! There, along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou,  more than 30 boats compete in the final showdown.

With music, arts and crafts, and multiple performances- besides the stunning dragon boats- there is something for everyone to enjoy a summer’s day out! So go bet on those boats, winner takes all…the egg rolls.

Everything You Need To Do In Houston This Summer

3. Carnival Houston Show + Paradise

Brazil comes to Houston! Now you don’t have to worry about the $1,000 ticket to Rio de Janeiro to experience the vibrant music and eye-catching costumes of Carnival. Not only will the show be celebrating Brazil but also the Caribbean and New Orleans Mardi Gras. So now you really don’t have to leave Houston to get a taste of all these delicious cultures.

There will be everything from Samba and Merengue to Calypso, Salsa, and Soca! You’ll be able to dance the night away to Brazilian rhythms while also internally holding your own masquerade and Carnival costume competition. Winner gets nothing while you win it all.

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Everything You Need To Do In Houston This Summer

4. Freedom Over Texas Festival- Eleanor Tinsley Park

It’s Fourth of July in Texas…strap in and Giddy up partner- you’re in for a wild ride. Begin by mentally preparing your dogs for the excess amount of fireworks being not-so-legally popped. Then proceed to make plans on having the front row seats to the fireworks your dog describes as  “mini-bombs harassing the sky” and “a threat to our dog-nation.”

The Freedom Over Texas Festival is exactly what it sounds like, a pyrotechnic-heavy celebration of America’s bday. Beyond the colors in the sky there will also be food booths and live entertainment, as if the American-flag tank tops weren’t enough.

Everything You Need To Do In Houston This Summer

While Houston summers can be brutal all these festivals make it actually worth it. You may be melting into a puddle of yourself but at least you have a lamb kabob in one hand and an egg roll in the other. And for that and only that reason, God bless America. Where will you spend your Houston summer? Let us know down below!

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