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10 Cute Date Ideas At The University Of Houston

10 Cute Date Ideas At The University Of Houston

10 Cute Date Ideas at the University of Houston

It can be hard to balance college life and a romantic relationship at the same time. Both demand your time, but maybe you can compromise spending hours dressing up for a fancy date, by just having a casual date at school after classes! UH is a gorgeous campus, thriving with natural beauty in every direction. The contemporary art in and around campus emanates energetic and romantic vibes if you are walking around with your significant other. Keep reading for 10 cute date ideas that you need to try at the University of Houston!


1. Tour the Campus Art Gallery and the Houston Zoo for free.

Adore the creative paintings, sculptures, and Shasta that UH gives you perks of seeing for free. Maybe adore bae while you are at it too. Just bring your Cougar Card and you are good to go.





2. Go bowling at the University Center.

There is nothing cuter than showing off your mean bowling skills to impress your man. If you don’t know how to bowl, ask him to teach you (which is just as cute). The bowling alley is on the bottom floor of the University Center and they have an entire arcade if you want to tackle that while you are at it. Don’t forget socks!

3. Enjoy a picnic at Lynn Eusan Park.

This park was named after Lynn Eusan, who was the first African-American homecoming queen at the University of Houston in 1968. Now this park is used by many cultural organizations to put on events like movie screenings, henna booths, Holi, and more. On a sunny day, bring out a picnic basket with your date and maybe even play Frisbee together.

4. Watch a football game together.

Slap on your red and white face paint and wear that foam finger, because it is going to get crazy. Never underestimate that Cougar pride. I can assure you, it is a big deal here.



5. Have a snack by the Koi pond behind the architecture building.

There is nothing better than watching the colorful fishies swim around aimlessly (can that be my life?) on the stones of this Koi pond and tiny waterfall. Enjoy a snack while you are there, and time will fly by.

6. Chat on the balcony of the library’s second floor.

When the weather is just right (rarely in Houston), the second floor of the library is a nice spot to chat, with great outdoor seating and a perfect view of the city’s greenery.


7. Get pastries at The Nook Cafe.

This is personally my favorite spot to just relax and hang out with friends. This little café serves specialty coffee and pastries, as well as beer and wine. From the moment you step inside, you will fall in love. The walls are encompassed my chalk boards everywhere. Draw and doodle as you like, and enjoy the studio lights that make the place glow. Make sure to go in the back and pick out a joke from the mason jar!

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8. Dinner at the Hilton restaurant.

If you are looking for something a little classier, grab your pearls and heels, because your fellow Coogs managing the hotel are going to make sure you have a mighty fine night. Did I mention there are gourmet meals?

9. Eat lunch by the Cullen Fountains and Reflection Pool.

The Cullen Fountains will be reopening this Fall after some major renovations. Soon, there will be cleaner water and a neater look. Have a lighthearted chat on the ledge as the fountain water gently tinkles down and creates ripples in the water below.


10. Grab a drink at the Cougar Grounds Coffee Shop.

Want a quick coffee date before class? This is your go-to coffee place (that is, if you aren’t a Starbucks addict) for quality coffee. This Cougar-run urban coffeehouse is located on the first floor of the Hilton College’s South Wing. You can find anything here from gourmet coffee, blended coffee drinks, and deluxe teas to pastries and desserts.


Which of these date ideas do you want to try? Comment below and share this article with your special someone!
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