15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash

15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash

What’s more fun than an all out rager? An all out rager with a theme! When it comes to throwing the party of the year, it’s great to have your music, food and dancing, but it’s oh so much more fun to make everyone come wearing a costume, isn’t it? To help you throw the best party ever, here are 15 party themes to deck out your next big bash!

1. Treat Yo Self

Throw a party where food is the theme; have every type of dish that falls under the ‘treat yo self!’ mantra umbrella. I’m talking about foods you wouldn’t have on the daily, that you would only treat yourself with; and not a single salad in sight. Maybe some veggies are allowed to make an appearance, but apart from that, make your party the ultimate #cheatday!

15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash!

2. Old School Hollywood

Bring out the stars at your next party, by inviting Hollywood to adorn your room with glamorous decorations, glitter everywhere and dazzling looks from all your guests. Get old school and rock the brassy golds, the high hair-do’s and the glamorous frocks. Everyone knows the parties of the Golden Age of Hollywood were the only ones to go to!

3. Hipster

Ask your guests to really bring out their inner hipster with this suspender-wearing, record’s only party theme. Play only old-school classics, some jazz maybe, and have a few vintage rocking chairs scattered around the room. Old, vintage suitcases are the perfect hipster decoration and also works as place to put out food or a footrest!

4. 90’s

Throw it back to neon colours, butterfly clips and light up shoes with a party theme to beat all party themes! Everyone has been loving the 90’s recently, so why wouldn’t you want to throw a party in honour of one of the greatest decades ever? Have bands like Wheatus, the Spice Girls and the brassy tones of Mariah Carey to have everyone partying well into the night, just like the good old times…

15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash!

5. Roaring 20’s

Continuing on with party themes of the decades, another great theme is the roaring twenties. Get your flapper dresses at the ready, throw on some big band music and get everybody doing the Charleston on the dance floor! No one has to be good at it, but it’ll be fun to watch everyone try!

6. Coachella

Just because you didn’t make it to one of the biggest festivals of the year, doesn’t mean you have to miss out! BringĀ Coachella to you with this festival-inspired party theme. Give out VIP wrist bands to your guests, don your festival gear and rage to some absolute bangers! Make it the ultimate festival experience by setting up a small stage somewhere and getting your guests to headline, singing all the top hits!

15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash!

7. Arabian Nights

This is a great party theme for when you want to add a little culture to your parties! Now’s the time to bring out your collection of Persian rugs, copper and brass serving wear and add lots of colour to your outfit! Do a little cultural digging if you want to make everything accurate, but otherwise just have fun with it! Make everyone feel like they’ve stepped into another world!

8. YouTubers

YouTubers are the new celebrities, so turn them into the best party theme ever! Have all of your guests dress up as their favourite YouTubers. Luckily, there are so many great YouTubers to choose from so you might see an interesting mix of online personalities at your party!

9. Masquerade

This is one of those party themes that people have been using since the beginning of time. Well, not quite the beginning of time, but for a very long time. And for good reason! It’s so fun to have everyone come wearing a mask or a disguise; it adds a little mystery to your party that makes the night so much more intriguing!

15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash!

10. Bad And Boujee

Break out the champagne and the glitter with this party theme that’s all prince and no pauper! Whether you’re throwing this party in honour of the iconic song, or you just want to live your best life with a theme that’s all about that, go all out with glitzy decorations and outfits that could stop traffic. Make your party the baddest in the neighbourhood!

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11. Rock N Roll

Everyone needs a little bit of gritty in their life, and a Rock N Roll themed rager is just the place for it. Whether it’s old school or modern rock you love, it doesn’t matter when the point is to come as a rock star and find out what it’s like to party like one. Gather your crew together for a head bangin’ night that will have everyone still riding that party high the next morning!

15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash!

12. Rom Com

Who doesn’t love a rom com? Party themes are the perfect opportunity to divulge in our favourite guilty pleasures, so go ahead and dress up as your favourite character, throw on a 90’s rom com for background ambiance and deck out your space to look like an iconic apartment from an iconic flick!

13. Pink Party

What better way to celebrate one of the prettiest colours of the spectrum than with a party theme devoted to the colour pink! Luckily, pink looks gorgeous on absolutely everyone, so invite your guests to go absolutely ham on the pink when it comes to their outfits. Imagine a sea of pink at your party!

15 Party Themes To Deck Out Your Next Bash!

14. Red Carpet

Roll out the red carpet and roll up in your finest outfit with this party theme that’s all about showing off what you’ve got in a gorgeous, flowing couture frock, or at least something like it! Serve up the fine wine, the cheese platters, and get the tunes going with an all out dance party to make the celebs proud!

15. Nautical

Head out to sea (figuratively, unless you’ve got a sneaky yacht hiding somewhere), and get nautical with a sea-themed bash. Make your outfit all navy and stripes, and serve your guests a buffet of seafood and oceanic delicacies. Now I’m not saying you have to play the Spongebob Squarepants theme tune, but it would be a nice touch.

Which of these party themes will you use to deck out your next big bash? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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