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The 5 Best Farmers Markets In Houston

The 5 Best Farmers Markets In Houston

Finding the freshest foods can be a challenge. Let us help! Here are the best Farmers Markets in Houston for all your greenery and artisinal needs.

Houston is full of exciting new experiences, or comfort for those in need. What you may not know about is their dedication to Farmers Markets. It may seem odd, but it’s true: this lone star city is home to some truly fabulous outdoor markets for anyone searching for a greener way to get their greens. Live near Houston and want to support local farming? Here are the five best Farmers Markets in Houston!

1. Rice University Farmers Market

Child to the original Houston Farmers Market, the Rice University Farmers Market was consummated upon the incentive to make market hours more accessible for shoppers during weekdays. On Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 to 6:30, an amalgam of students released from their binding desks, and joggers pink-faced and cheerful, can be observed mixing and wading between the dozens of vendor tents at Rice. There, long skirts of foliage as old as the encircling lines of a tree’s stump surround and liberate visitors from the bricks and cement of city life. Take a pause from your 9 to 5 week to get lost in the natural spirit of fresh, leafy comfort, all without ever leaving Houston.

2. Urban Harvest Farmers Market

Head to Richmond Avenue every Saturday from 8 in the morning to noon for selection beyond measure. Urban Harvest’s mission supports as many Houstonians as possible, as is evident with their assortment in produce, cheese, flowers, and trinkets galore, as well as crafted creations. Try their unforgettably delectable rib grilled cheese. This market is perfect for both therapeutically restocking the lonesome fridge and venturing freely with a date. However, unlike most farmer’s markets, fluffy and furry friends aren’t permitted, but two-legged friends are. You’ll find that this market in particular is notorious for having more visitors than produce at times; it is one of the most expansive Farmers Markets in Houston, after all.


3. The Market at Sawyer Yards

Tucked in The Heights and coming out every first Saturday of the month from 6 to 10 pm, Sawyer Yards is transformed into a playground for artists to showcase and sell their work. Of course, fine food is an element of fine art, and is thus exhibited at Sawyer Yards. What qualifies this event as a ‘farmers market’ of sorts is the inclusion of such specialty foods that are packaged by local vendors, just like traditionally produce-oriented markets. The difference is that the options are less comprehensive and may not appear as if they’ve just been pulled from the ground. Still, they are made from the same crisp ingredients that traditional markets sell.

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4. Eleanora’s Market

Bask in the antique charm of an old-school market when in the lot of Calvatore Italian Restaurant, where Eleanora’s Market assembles. Each Saturday, around 30 vendors are consistently present to sell their goods. Others visit more sporadically. You never know which artisans may bring new gems. Since consistency is vital to tradition, visitors can expect the market to hold true to its hours of 9 am to 1 pm. Farmers Markets in Houston are nothing if not classic.

5. Nassau Bay Farmers Market

If you’re spontaneous and dream of odds and ends, this nook hatches with the quizzical. Your only guarantee is a timestamp; this market reopens on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Early birds catch all but the worm – like the fresh baked bread or organic cotton shirts. Be the early bird not only to take advantage of such excitement, but also to glimpse a view of the peaceful morning sun against the bright colors and floral accents that highlight the atmosphere of this soulful neighborhood.


What are the best Farmers Markets in Houston in your opinion? Have you visited our faves? Tell us in the comment section!