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Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

It has happened to any of us that some days we are just too lazy to cook, but yet we are hungry and wish for a delicious meal that can’t be bought at stores. Other times we might just eb too tired or stressed from work or school and instead of cooking something we eat whatever we have around which is actually bad for us since we are not having a healthy eating habit.

That’s why we aim to help you and decided to bring you some cooking tips you might follow when you just don’t want to cook.

1. Prepare In Advance

Whenever you have a free time specially at the weekend you can start preparing meals in advance. You could make some rice that will last you a few days or chop some vegetables to have a quick salad. You could also have some sauce cooked to match a pasta or have some meat ready for making another dish. Preparing a few meals in advance while not only save you time during the week but it will also help you when you don’t want to cook a thing.Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

2. Have The Basics Around

We all have our specific tastes but having a few basics in our pantries will help us out when we don’t feel like cooking a thing. Canned beans, tuna, pasta, noodles, soups or already made sauces are a few things you should always keep close since they can become a delicious meal in minutes. Try having always a variety of seasoning such as salt and black pepper, dressings for salads and oils for cooking to get better dishes in less time.Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

3. Try Roasting

If you have an oven at home you haven’t been using that much or not at all it’s time to change that! Roasting your meals is a healthier an easier way of getting savory meals. Another advantage of roasting your food is that while the oven is doing the work for you, you can simply lay down or do other stuff while checking from time to time on what you are cooking. You can roast from meats to vegetables and whatever else might come to mind! Creativity is key while cooking!Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

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4. Freezer Friendly Containers

Have you visited your grandma, aunts or mom lately? We know nothing compares to the delicious food your family makes! That’s why having freezer friendly containers or storage bags are great way of keeping those delicious meals on hand without risking them going bad. Plus, whenever you are too lazy to cook just take out a container reheat and enjoy! Be sure to check that the containers you get are resistant to cracking in low temperatures, easily sealable and durable. Also, try getting a few in different sizes because you never know which one you will need!Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

5. Save Frozen Ingredients

Buying frozen ingredients such a seafoods or vegetables like spinach, broccoli or peas is a great way of saving time when you don’t really want to cook. You can also buy frozen pizzas, chicken or small meat medallions that you only need to toss into a pan, wait a few minutes and enjoy. Having the ingredients, you like the most on hand will definitely save you a few minutes when cooking! You can also have frozen breakfasts such as egg sandwiches or English muffins for when you are in a morning rush, just unfreeze and there you have your breakfast ready in no time with this cooking tips!Easy Cooking Tips For When You Don’t Want To Cook

Do you have any other cooking tips for when you don’t want to cook? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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