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Cute Fall Date Ideas You’re Going To Adore

Cute Fall Date Ideas You’re Going To Adore

During the fall it can be hard to think of ideas for a date. The weather is cooler, sometimes limiting your scope of activities, when it the summer a go-to is a day at the pool or beach. However sometimes fall dates can truly be magical in their own way. With the quietness of the season, crisp foliage and Halloween on the horizon, you’re bound to be feeling all warm and fuzzy during autumn.

If you’re still stuck on what to do with that special someone, no need to panic. Here are some cute fall date ideas to give you a little inspiration!

Sit Out At A Bonfire

Sitting out at a bonfire whenever it’s in your own backyard, at a friend’s house, or somewhere in your town is a classic fall date idea. You can still enjoy the aspect of being outside without the fear of being cold, due to the fact you’ll be nice and warm near the fire. Also, the activity provides a nice intimate setting for you and your date to get to know each other and just talk.


Go Watch A Football Game

Football games are woven into the fabric of most towns during the fall. If you’re at a college that has a team you’re also reminded weekly about the games going on each weekend. So why not kill two birds with one stone and spend some time with your guy at a football game. And not only do football games just mean the game itself but usually a tailgate as well, where you’ll be able to socialize with friends too. This date provides a nice casual setting to just be yourself and proves to your guy that you’re down for anything. Plus regardless of the fact you may not be that into sports, football is very exciting to watch, so you’re not going to be bored.

Take A Hayride

Hayrides are a fall only activity, so if you’re looking for things to do for a date, you should definitely consider this activity. Not only do hayrides totally get you into that autumn spirit, they also provide a sense of romance. The act of riding in the back of a truck gives you a cozy setting to get to know one another and allows you to bond over the sights and sounds of your wooded surroundings. And if it’s a little chilly outside, it gives an excuse to cuddle under a warm blanket.

Apple Picking

A perfect activity for fall, apple picking on your date will have you feeling in autumn bliss. It allows you to be in a quiet setting and allows you both to be actively doing something in the process, so neither of you gets bored. You two can discuss what types of apples you like best or fruit in general and you can even get a little competitive to see who can collect the best-looking apples. Apple picking is something you should pick as your date idea this season!

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Watch A Scary Movie

While some people love to watch scary movies all throughout the year, they are especially festive around Halloween time. Going to see a scary movie on your date may make you a little vulnerable, as it’s pretty hard to hide being spooked by an unexpected scene, but also allows you to let your guard down a little and get to know him. Plus it gives him an excuse to put his arm around you if you’re feeling a little frightened.

Go For A Hike

This date idea is perfect if you both are very outdoorsy and enjoy to be in nature. This allows you the chance to be relaxed and get a little exercise in the process. Along the way, you’re bound to spot some breathtaking nature scenes that will certainly set a romantic mood. Just make sure you and your date communicate ahead of time about your hiking experience. It is never a good thing to be at different places during a hike, as this could lead to you being more frustrated than anything and could lead to someone getting injured in the process.


Decorate For Halloween

Helping each other decorate your places for Halloween is not your typical date idea but is a totally fun way to get to know one another. Let’s be real…when we were kids we all used to love to decorate for Halloween, as the decorations are the most unique out of any holiday. Therefore, you and your boyfriend can help figure out some spooky arrangments together and enjoy a little pre-Halloween candy as well. It’s a perfect way to show your creative sides and share a few laughs in the process!

What’s your idea of the perfect fall date? Let us know in the comments section!

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