The Ultimate Philly Food Bucket List

Philly foodies, rejoice! Here is a list of the thirty best philly food restaurants and places to eat in Philadelphia. Better get nomming on these hot spots.
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One of the best things about living in Philly is the abundance of new foods there are to try. The city has a ton of restaurants to offer many different types of foods, some that you may have never had before, and some of the best variations of your typical food choices. For those looking to branch out and try some of the best restaurants that Philly has to offer, you came to the right place. Here is your list of 30 must-try philly food spots!

1. Famous 4th Street Deli

The biggest, and greatest sandwiches you’ll ever eat.

2. Federal Donuts

The perfect combination of donuts, chicken, and coffee.


3. Milk House Grilled Cheese

This is the stretchy cheese grilled cheese place. Not only do they have grilled cheese, it’s an incredible ice cream place, too!

4. Hai Street Kitchen

What better way to eat sushi than in the form of a burrito?

5. Royal Sushi and Izakaya

One of the best sushi places in the city with an incredible menu for everyone interested.


6. Franklin Fountain Ice Cream

Head over to Old City for a beautiful night and some of the best, and biggest cones and cups of ice cream you will ever eat.

7. Dalessandro’s

For all the cheese-steak fans, this is the place to go for Philly’s best cheese-steaks.


8. DiNic’s

The famous and delicious roast pork sandwiches, topped with broccoli rabe.

9. Zahav

This is the place to go to get all of your

10. El Vez

Stop into El Vez for some of the best Mexican food you will ever have.


11. Han Dynasty

The best Chinese food in the city, with a ton of selection and a ton of variety.

12. Pizzeria Vetri

Pizzeria Vetri was actually voted one of the best pizza places in Philly, and it truly is one of the best pizza’s you’ll ever eat.


13. Chickie’s and Pete’s

Chickie’s and Pete’s is so much better at the restaurant in South Philly.

14. Max Brenner

The perfect combination of chocolate and coffee (and dinner, of course). What more could you possibly need?

15. Honey’s Sit n’ Eat

Head over to Honey’s Sit n’ Eat for an incredible breakfast with huge variety.


16. Osteria

Some of the best Italian food you will find in Philly!

17. Sketch Burger

Crafty, delicious and unique burgers for everyone!

18. Sabrina’s Cafe

Another incredible breakfast place, with a ton of delicious breakfast options.


19. & Pizza

& Pizza gives pizza a whole new look, while also giving you the opportunity to create your own pizza masterpiece.

20. Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza

The biggest pizza you will ever eat anywhere, for only $3.50.

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21. Green Eggs Cafe

Green Eggs Cafe offers some of the craftiest, most dessert-like breakfast entree’s you will ever find!

22. Shoo Fry

A restaurant that serves all french fries all the time. Do you need another reason to go?


23. Craftsman Row

A great restaurant offering a ton of amazing sandwiches, salads, burgers and more!

24. HipCityVeg

One of the most incredible restaurants in the city, offering vegan and organic food and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

25. La Colombe

One of the cutest and best coffee places you’ll find anywhere.


26. Cleavers

One of the best cheese-steak places in the city with a ton of side options, as well as milkshakes and beer!

27. Big Gay Ice Cream

Another amazing ice cream place in the city to hit every sweet tooth experience you might have.

28. Zorba’s

This is your go-to place for the best Greek entree’s and desserts.


29. Blackbird Pizzeria

Blackbird Pizzeria is the best place to go for the best vegan food in the city. They have a huge menu variety that meets everyone’s dietary needs.

30.  Umai Umai

Another incredible sushi places for all you sushi lovers to try out!

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