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20 Signs You Are Way Too Obsessed With Food

20 Signs You Are Way Too Obsessed With Food

Whether you prefer to stay in and cook dinner or would rather go out to eat with all your friends; these are the signs you're way too obsessed with food!

If you’re anything like me, food is your number one priority. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or out for a bite to eat with some friends; food is always on your mind. Keep reading to see if you’re just as obsessed with food as I am.

1. Your closet looks like a grocery store.

There is almost every type of snack in organized drawers. Candy, granola, chips etc.

2. Free samples? Never turned down.

In fact, you search for free samples when out.


3. You wake up and think about dinner.

Most people wake up and think about breakfast or maybe what you are going to do for the day. But you? It’s straight to dinner, because breakfast and lunch were planned the night before.

4. You are happiest when eating something from your childhood.

5. Your dreams consist of food and only food.

6. Instead of reading books you read cookbooks, as if they are novels.

Reading a Julia Child cookbook is like reading a Danielle Steel romance novel. The love she puts into making the food is what makes it real.

7. Walking into the kitchen and looking in all the cabinets is your exercise, even if you don’t grab any food.

8. You were known as the hookup in school because you always had food in your bag.

9. Life would not be the same without any and all food, according to your conscience.

You strongly believe food shapes the world, even if it is something as gross as anchovies or canned meats.

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10. You find any way to use food puns in conversations.

11. You hate having to share food with others but get upset when they don’t share with you.

12. You tend to over-eat at every meal because you want to see if each portion tastes different.

13. You’re always down to eat.

That weird kid from math class invites to grab pizza and study; you say yes just for the food.

14. Instead of dealing with arguing drunk people you would rather have a good meal at home.

Curl up on the couch with a nice bowl of homemade chili instead of being at that party down the street.


15. Instagram is only there for you to look at food profiles and drool behind your screen.

16. Your friends feed into your obsession.

Your best friends find that special chocolate you like, and buy the whole shelf so you are prepared.

17. You see food and feel your heart race like on a first date.

18. You can out eat a football team just to try and prove your obsession to strangers.

19. Your bucket list is full of restaurants to try and that’s it.

20. You are a culinary student and/or a chef.

And there you have it- the 20 signs you are way too obsessed with food. Let me know what you thought of the article in the comment section below!
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