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10 Signs You’re A Die Hard Foodie

10 Signs You’re A Die Hard Foodie

And if you, my friend, are a future Terp at the University of Maryland, and wish to embrace your foodie-ness as much as I do this Fall, keep reading!

It shouldn’t matter what race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs one has. Food is food. An amazing entity anyone and everyone can and should bond over. From dripping with hot sauce Subway sandwiches to piping hot Dim Sum buns, Pad Thai and warm Enchiladas, food comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. And if you, my friend, are a future Terp at the University of Maryland, College Park and wish to embrace your foodie-ness as much as I do this Fall, keep reading!

1. Serving Sizes Do Not Exist.

And neither do seconds or thirds or even fourths at the Maryland’s diner, so grab a plate and dig in during designated dining hours.


2. You hoard the free samples at Costco shamelessly.

And although food at Maryland isn’t always free, still feel free to eat to your heart’s content and follow the ‘Hungry UMD Terps’ @Free_Food_UMD on Twitter to receive the latest details regarding when and where you can get free food on campus!

3. You sneak your favorite snacks into the theatre.

However, sneaking food out of Maryland’s diner can get you into a bit of trouble and is legitimately considered academic dishonesty, so I would not recommend it!

4. You show up to parties…to eat

So check out the party scene at Maryland for both the potential free food and the awesome people!

5. You aren’t you when you’re hungry.

Go ahead and grab a fellow Terp and head down to a eatery when you are feeling particularly ravenous!


6. You’re a regular at Chipotle, Starbucks, The Deli…and maybe all the other eateries nearby.

There are a number of eateries in and around College Park ranging from NuVegan Cafe and Pho D’Lite to the Bagel Place. Make sure to check them all out and if you’re a hungry foodie, you’ll make yourself known in no time. 

7. You snack once, twice…maybe seven times a day.

Although the diner isn’t always open to students returning at any god forsaken hour to stuff themselves, alternate eateries in and outside of campus won’t judge.

8. Instagram food videos and pictures make your aesthetic craving heart happy.

Don’t be afraid to concoct and post your own addictive food videos and photography!


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9. It takes you a while to decide what to eat…cause everything looks so good.

From Korean Barbecue to deli-style sandwiches and simple sprouts, the diner is a smorgasbord of options, options, and more options: a definite foodie paradise.

10. And you bond with other foodies who love food as much as you.

Whether they live right down the hall, you have a class with them, or they are just a plain acquaintance, find a foodie and just keep munching on with your new friend!

Thought of some other signs distinguishing someone as a hardcore foodie?! Comment your thoughts below and share this article with friends!
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