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Why College Becomes Your Home Away From Home

Why College Becomes Your Home Away From Home

You may be thinking, “College becomes your home away from home…can this actually be true?” Hear me out. Do you remember that feeling you got when you had to pack up and leave home for college freshman year? You were nervous to leave the place you had called home for so many years and venture into unknown territory. There were so many opportunities for things to go wrong and send you back home with your head down, forced to face the grim reality of defeat. Along with the scary possibility of failure, there was also the possibility of having the time of your life, which was what kept you counting down the days until college move-in.

Fast forward to where you are right now. The fear of failure and endless amount of nerves you experienced when heading to college for the first time seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? There you were, a naïve freshman thinking no place could ever compare to where you grew up, maybe thinking college would never feel like home. Fortunately you were wrong, and found a home away from home. Here’s how – whether quickly or gradually – college becomes your home.

Friends become family.

Friends are one of the most important aspects to help college becomes your home. Where would we be without them? Basically they become your family away from family!


Campus events keep you entertained.

There are so many events you can sign up for and drop into. Instead of meeting your hometown friends in the local park, you just head down to the college green and hang on the lawn with tons of other students.

It provides the same convenience of home, if not more.

Everything you need is just a few minutes away. College becomes your home simply because everything you need is right at your fingertips (well, except for the fam).

You have a sense of belonging.

Being in college provides a sense of belonging, similar to what you have at home.

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Food is available to you…whenever you want.

Sure, we miss mom’s home cooking. But dining hall access all day, every day? Yes please.

Your professors kind of simulate parents…kind of.

Okay so your parents may not be around anymore, but you’re still surrounded by adults you can look up to, for example – your professors! (Oh and P.S., classes are actually fun!)


There’s always a chance to be involved.

College offers so much you can be involved in, like clubs, sports, and volunteer opportunities – probably even more so than the ones at home. Sure, you may not be on your hometown parks & rec soccer team anymore…but your college club soccer team is just as fun! The possibilities are endless, so go out and enjoy your new home.

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