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10 Accurate GIFs About Penn State Students

10 Accurate GIFs About Penn State Students

Penn State students are smart and fun. Sometimes the Penn State experience can be different. Here is what it's like to be a Penn State student.

As a college student you experience about 100 different emotions in a span of two minutes. Even at a school as amazing as Penn State University it’s hard to explain exactly what you’re feeling. Here are some GIFs that will help when you can’t quite put it into words.

1. Losing all your pride and running to make the white/blue loop.

 running run forrest gump leaving work run forrest GIF

2. And missing it…

 running parks and recreation training parks and rec exercising GIF


3. Hoping you don’t slip on the ice that’s EVERYWHERE in the winter just trying to make it onto class on time without falling.

This is a daily struggle in the winter. There’s nothing more painful than eating shit on your way to a lecture.

 waddle GIF

4. Having every computer in your house ready when student section football tickets go on sale.

After all, football season is the best time of year at Penn State. It’s not our fault our team is fantastic. Got to love those tail-gates!
 refresh GIF


5. Having to leave Willard but not wanting to run into the preacher & praying he doesn’t call you out personally.

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by the preacher on campus? No one has time for that.
 parks and recreation ron swanson GIF

6. Waiting for your uber after a night all the way in fratland…

Superfruit wtf confused superfruit cell phone GIF

7. Having to walk through the HUB.

Penn state plague?
 tv college the office university cafeteria GIF


8. Walking past a squirrel that’s a little too close to you.

Those animals are seriously too comfortable with humans. You can’t lie, they are creepy.

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 squirrel GIF


9. Trying to schedule your classes for next semester on LionPath.

And when it finally works at least one of your classes has been filled.
 sad crying upset cry computer GIF
10. But knowing no matter what you go the best school in the world.

With the best student section in the world.

Quicken Loans dance reaction happy football GIF

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