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10 Things At Syracuse That Aren’t Chill

10 Things At Syracuse That Aren’t Chill

Syracuse University is awesome but like all schools, there are downfalls. Here are 10 things that actually suck about Syracuse sometimes. Go Orange!

I love being a student at the greatest, orangest university as much as the next person. But we all know that there are some things that we could live without.. Here are 10 things that aren’t chill at Syracuse University.

1. The Winter.

Welcome to the tundra. It may be beautiful, but we all know it’s a lot prettier when we’re inside and cozy rather than when we’re trekking it all the way across campus. It’s a known fact winter at Syracuse can be a bit of a bitch.syracuse-winter-chet-king


2. Those 2 weeks in the beginning of fall semester where everybody melts because there’s no air conditioning in the dorms

You’d think that we would be able to afford air conditioning.. Instead they let us just sweat our brains out


3. Football

Losing sucks. And we do it.. A lot. Maybe one day we’ll have a winning football team.. 25953433-5273-474a-a01e-0ad055d72ae2_92241_CUSTOM


4. Paying for Laundry

We pay an arm and a leg to go to Syracuse. Would it really be so much of a burden to give us free laundry?

5. AirOrangeX

There’s no such thing as good school wifi anywhere, but AirOrangeX’s slowness never ceases to amaze me.

6. Firedrills

Please take a moment to think of those Lawrinson kids who have to hike up 20 floors for their 50+ fire drills a year. Why can’t people just learn to make popcorn properly?

7. Real food isn’t served until 11am on the weekends

Sometimes you just need that warm (mediocre) waffle at 10:30 on a Sunday morning but NOPE. Syracuse_University_HM_Milkweed-1_x800

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8. So many websites

Between blackboard, orangelink, myslice, the official website, orangelink, and every office having their own separate website, it’s so hard to keep track of anything. Can’t they just make one simple site??

9. All of the buildings are named after the same people

Crouse College, Crouse Hinds Hall, Huntington Beard Crouse. Lyman, Lyman Smith Hall, Lyman Machinery. They’re all basically the same, but very VERY different. 16175892803_1118d5aa87

10. None of the places on Marshall Street take Super Food money.

ALL of my money would go to M Street..


What else totally sucks about Syracuse?! Drop us a line!!
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