10 Best Bubble Tea Places In Vancouver

Bubble tea is big in Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland. Bubble tea has always been around but has exploded over the past couple of years. And it is clearly here to stay. So here is a list of the 10 best places to grab bubble tea in Vancouver. This list is in no particular order.

1. Presotea

Presotea has five locations in the Lower Mainland, two in Richmond,  two in Vancouver, and one in Surrey located at Guildford Mall. The ones in Vancouver are at Oakridge and Pacific Center and the two in Richmond can be found at Aberdeen Square and at Terra Nova in West Richmond. They are well known for making a bubble tea that tastes fresh and authentic. Their menu is very extensive as well. You should check these places out if you get the chance.

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2. Boba Monster

Boba Monster is a well known and respected bubble tea joint. They’re are located in the heart of Vancouver at  5766 Fraser St, Vancouver. This is the only place in Vancouver so if you are not living in Vancouver it is quite the trek just to get bubble tea. But for the people who live nearby, it is in a great, easily accessible place.

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3. Milk & Sugar

Milk & Sugar and be found right on the Vancouver-Burnaby border at 3365 Kingsway, Vancouver. Milk & Sugar serves as a bit of a community hub for the people who live in that area. It is open late too. It is not uncommon to see this place bumping at all hours of the night. They also sell smoothies and food.

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4. Cha Time

Cha Time is like the Starbucks of bubble tea places. I haven’t checked, but there must be at least 20 in the Lower Mainland. They are everywhere. If you have ever had bubble tea then you’ve probably had Cha Time. But just because there are a bunch of Cha Times doesn’t mean its bad. They make pretty good bubble tea.

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5. Xing Fu Tang

This place makes good bubble tea but it is most well known for its laid back vibes and atmosphere. It is in the center of Vancouver right at 3432 Cambie St.  The bubble tea is solid but the best experience to be had here is winding down a night with friends.

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6. Dragon Ball Tea House

Dragon Ball Tea House definitely wins for having the coolest name on this list. Plus they make great bubble tea and is only one block away from a Skytrain station so it is easily accessible. They make quality, cheap bubble tea. You will not regret coming here.

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7. Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

This is another chain. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t carry the negative stigma that Cha Time gets. Yi Fang is probably one of the better places on the list. It has just about everything that all these other places have and more. Plus there are plenty of locations so chances are that you live nearby to one.

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8. Shake Tea

Shake Tea is a quaint little place that is right near the Olympic Village. Shake Tea can be found at 511 W 7th Ave #117. Only a couple minutes walk from the Canada Line. Come here if you are looking for a nice place to sit down and relax at. This place usually manages to stay relatively quiet. So it’s a great match if you’re looking for someplace to study or read.

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9. Gong Cha

There are a handful of Gong Cha’s in the Lower Mainland but the one you really want to go to is in Downtown. Found right on 386 Robson St, it’s the perfect place to go and stop while you’re out browsing the shops that Robson street has to offer. The bubble tea is great as well. But the location is what really sells it.

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10. L & G Bubble Tea

L & G is near Memorial South Park right at 5816 Fraser St. If you’re out walking around the neighborhood, this is the perfect place to go. L&G is one of the highest-rated on Google due to its service and tasty bubble tea. Be sure to check this place out.

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I hope that this list was helpful. Now you can argue with your friends about how wrong I am. Or you could go out there and see for your self. Have fun.

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