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20 Reasons UBC Is The Greatest School On Earth

20 Reasons UBC Is The Greatest School On Earth

20 Reasons UBC Is The Greatest School On Earth

If you go to the University of British Columbia, you know it’s the greatest school on Earth. Here are 20 reasons why.

1. Campus 

This is especially true when the seasons change. During the fall, campus is covered with red and orange leaves, while in the spring the trees sprout cherry blossoms. If you’re lucky, your residence window has a view of the mountains or the ocean. In short, there are many opportunities for dope Instagram photos.

beautiful cherry blossoms on the UBC campus


2. Wreck Beach

UBC has it’s very own beach. Although the 500 wooden steps seem daunting, the view is very much worth your while, especially at sunset. But beware, you may or may not see nudity. What happens at Wreck, stays at Wreck.

beautiful Wreck Beach in Vancouver

3. Activities

UBC is close in proximity to just about any activity. If you ever tire of Wreck beach (unlikely) Vancouver has English Bay and Spanish Banks to choose from. If the beach isn’t your thing, you’re only a 40 minute bus ride from downtown and a two hour car ride from Whistler ski resort.


pretty Vancouver pic

4. Campus Is A Constant Filming Location

Students aren’t the only ones who appreciate the scenery at UBC. Past movies that were on campus include Age of Adaline, She’s the Man, 50 Shades of Grey, Tomorrowland, and X-men Origins: Wolverine. Some iconic scenes were filmed on the very ground we walk on while we’re on our way to class.

Age of Adaline pic


5. Tuition Rates

 Compared to schools in the United States, tuition at UBC is significantly lower, even for international students. Thus, students don’t necessarily feel pressured to graduate undergrad in the typical four years, and may take longer if they choose.

funny money gif

6. Geographic Location

UBC is located at the west end of the Point Grey Peninsula, right at the edge of the water.


UBC Vancouver

7. Diverse Student Population

From the first week, I met people from the United States, China, United Arab Emirates, and South America. Chances are, the people you meet won’t have just lived in a single place and will have had international upbringings. Thus, you will be exposed to all types of cultures and perspectives. In a few shorts months, I was introduced to different music artists and slang words.

UBC students


8. The Weather

After a school year, your appreciation for sunshine will increase. Although most of the fall and winter is rainy and gray, it’ll be worthwhile when you experience the sunny summer and spring seasons in Vancouver.

cool UBC rainy day pic

9. Our Ranking

We are consistently ranked among the top 40 in the world for universities and among the top three in Canada. This year, according to Times Higher Education, UBC is 37th in the world reputation rankings and second in Canada.


funny Amy Poehler gif

10. Diverse Faculties

The most common faculties for UBC students include arts, sciences, land and food systems, Sauder School of Business, and kinesiology. No matter what you’re trying to study, all of UBC’s faculties have received national and international accolades.

cool UBC campus pic

11. Drinking Age

The drinking age in British Columbia is 19. Whether you’re a new or experienced drinker, there are many options on campus to help you forget about that brutal economics exam. These include Mahony and Son’s, the Pit, and Koerner’s Pub.


cool the Pit at UBC pic

12. Sustainability

Upon arriving, you will definitely become more environmentally-conscious. Architecture at UBC promotes sustainability with the CIRS and new Student Union building that have composting facilities and rely mostly on solar energy, just to name a few green features.

cool health building on UBC campus


13. Eclectic Array Of Classes

Requirements and prerequisites can get dull, but luckily UBC provides classes covering a diverse range of topics that can be completely irrelevant to your major (yet still interesting). There are classes like Introduction to Wine Science, Asian Horror Cinema, Gladiators in the Greek and Roman World, and Modern Olympics.

cool classroom pic

14. AMS Block Party

Every year, on the last day of school, UBC hosts the AMS Block Party where students can celebrate the end of the year and listen to great music with 10,000 of their fellow students. This year, the headliners were Vince Staples and Oh Wonder, while 2015 had Tokyo Police Club and Chromeo.

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AMS block party at UBC

15. Food

Although the food at the cafeteria may not be the best choice, students can choose from many on-campus restaurants and food trucks, as well as Tim Hortons.


cool food truck

16. The Cairn

UBC’s Cairn pays tribute to the engineering students, hence the E. All in good fun, the Cairn is re-painted daily by students.

Cairn at UBC pic


17. Storm The Wall

A UBC tradition that began in 1978, Storm the Wall is an intramural sports event in which teams or individuals compete in a series of races. Participants must swim, sprint, cycle, run, and eventually conquer a 12 foot wall in a short amount of time. If it’s not your thing, cheer on your friends or watch from afar. Or even make it a goal to accomplish before you graduate!

Storm the Wall at UBC

18. Museums

UBC is home to the Museum of Anthropology as well as the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. The MOA is famous for its emphasis on First Nations band governments of the Pacific Northwest, and houses over 500,000 archaeological objects. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is famous for its collections of over two million specimens from the 20th century to the present.


cool MOA at UBC pic

19. The Gardens

UBC houses the botanical garden, Nitobe Japanese Garden, and the rose garden. If it’s a pleasant day, come out and enjoy the scenery.

beautiful Nitobe gardens at UBC


20. The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Once I gave it a chance here, I realized going to UBC was the best decision I ever made.

UBC Okanagan campus
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