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10 Food Places To Try In Vancouver, BC

10 Food Places To Try In Vancouver, BC

10 Food Places To Try In Vancouver, BC

Whenever visiting a new city, everybody wants to find some new amazing food places to try – myself included. When I used to live in Vancouver, BC, I would spend all my weekends and days-off exploring this beautiful city that has become a second home to me. I remember I would walk from one part of the city to another, observe how the streets change and what kind of people I see. Vancouver is one of those cities that you instantly fall in love with – the mountains, the city, the ocean, nature, and all this unique feel to it. We have gathered a list of 10 great food places in Vancouver that you absolutely need to try if you ever find yourself in this amazing city.

1. Red Umbrella Cafe

A breakfast place of your dreams! Located in the West End just near magnificent English Bay, this tiny breakfast place has everything you would ever ask for – cozy interior, a large variety in the menu and a friendly atmosphere. Their Meditteranean omelet and buttermilk pancakes are to die for. Be sure to come earlier, because this place is absolutely packed especially on the weekends or later in the day.

2. Thomas Haas

With two locations in North Vancouver and Kitsilano, this place is famous for their great pastry and desserts – especially almond croissant. Trust me when I will tell you that this will be the BEST almond croissant you will ever try in your life, and no, I am not exaggerating!


3. Tacofino

You want to ask me where can you find the tastiest loaded nachos platter? I will only say one word – Tacofino. Grab your pals for a fun night out with drinks, tacos, nachos (of course) and some Insta-worthy pics in the famous part of Vancouver that is called Gastown.

4. Miku

We are mentioning Miku again for a very simple reason – they simply are the best! Because who in their mind would ever decline a fancy platter of incredible Aburi sushi, which stands for flame-seared? Flame-seared sushi melt in the mouth and really amaze with their unique texture and super enhanced natural flavor due to the method of flame-searing.

5. Fable

If you came to Canada for the first time ever – visit Fable for their signature Canadian cuisine and laid0back style. Wholesome farm-to-table food, cozy “cabin-like” atmosphere, and some delicious poutine loaded with cheese and beef and covered all the way in maple syrup – YUM.


6. Cafe Medina

Looking for even more brunch spots in town? Look no further. Cafe Medina is a popular downtown place for everything breakfast related, and trust me, their fame is there for a very good reason. Grab your squad and be here early, because this place is always PACKED after 9 am because Vancouverites love their brunch nice and fresh straight in the coolest breakfast spot.

7. Nicli Pizzeria

If you are tired of eating so-called “pizza” from Fresh Slice or Pizza Hut, come and try some REAL Italian pizza in Nicli Pizzeria! Their pizza is made of always fresh ingredients and baked in the large wooden oven warmed up to 800 degrees following the best Italian traditions.

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8. Kirin Restaurant

Ask any Vancouverite where they grab their dim sums, and they will most likely reply that they get it in Kirin Resturant. The reason is very simple – Kirin has the absolute BEST dim sum in the city. Some people say, that their dim sum is even better than the ones in Hong Kong. If that doesn’t ring the bells, I don’t know what will.

9. Chambar

We simply fell in love with the Belgian foods served in Chambar – honestly, their waffles stole my heart and never returned it back to me. Come to this place for a friendly, family-like atmosphere, a large space that will fit EVERYBODY, and wine, some very, VERY good wine.

10. Boulevard

I usually am not a big fan of seafood, but Boulevard has made me change my mind at 180 degrees. The dishes are always fresh and constant in their amazing flavor, execution and appearance. I have never tried a better tasting lobster in my life, tbh.

Do you know any other amazing food places in Vancouver, BC? Leave us a comment below.
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