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The 15 Best Bars In Toronto Based On Your Music Taste

The 15 Best Bars In Toronto Based On Your Music Taste

Toronto bars are known for being the best. The best bars in Toronto vary in every way. Based on your music here are the best Toronto bars based on music.

It’s finally Friday and you are ready to hit the town with your friends. Whether the week brought you stress, joy, or exhaustion, the best way to relax and detox is to go out dancing with your best friends. Whatever music you like to listen to, Toronto has the perfect bar for you, so grab your dancing shoes and be ready to get down to your favorite tunes this weekend! Here are the best bars in Toronto based on the type of music you listen to.

1. Country Music

Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon: 250 Adelaide St. W

If your cup of tea is some good old country music and line dancing, then the Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon is the place for you! With a western atmosphere, a mechanical bull, free line dancing lessons, themed western nights, and drinks of course, you won’t want to miss out so be sure to bring your cowboy boots and get ready to stomp!


2. Pop/Punk

Sneaky Dee’s: 431 College St.

If you’re looking for some My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Vail, Panic at the Disco, or any other pop/punk band, then this is the place for you. It is perfect for college students or anyone on a budget with cheap drinks and live music almost every night!

3. Jazz/Blues

The Rex: 194 Queen St. W


For the more sophisticated folk, The Rex offers a nice atmosphere for all of you who enjoy the smooth, calming sounds of Jazz. With live Jazz performances every night, this is the perfect place to unwind after a long week while also having a great time!

4. Hip-Hop/Rap

Revival Bar: 783 College St.

Revival is one of the best hip-hop night clubs Toronto has to offer. With ample events and live music performances, the best DJs, and drinks, you can’t go wrong with hitting up Revival on a Friday or Saturday night. They also have hip-hop karaoke which is a must try!


5. Throwbacks

Clinton’s Tavern: 693 Bloor St. W

If you prefer to drink to your favorite throwbacks, then Clinton’s is the place to be. There are three separate chambers of this bar; the front bar, the side area better for eating and chatting, and the back bar is where the stage and events are located. Thursdays and Fridays are throwback nights so get ready to be taken back in time! It is cash only so come prepared.

6. Top 40



Bar 244: 244 Adelaide St. W

For the top hits you know every word to, Bar 244 will be just right for you. With ultra cheap drinks at $3, 244 is fun, casual, and really affordable! They offer special events every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and drinks are always only $3! There is a bar upstairs and a basement downstairs with a dance floor so be sure to bring some good dancing shoes and a good attitude!

7. EDM

Coda: 794 Bathurst St.


Maybe you’re more of an electronic dance music type; well, you are in luck because Coda has just what you want! It is one of the best clubs in Toronto and has a wide selection of EDM music for you to dance the night away to. This is another 2-story club that has live events as well as DJ sponsored events that range from metal, EDM, and techno music. So for all of you techno lovers, this is a must try!

8. Indie Rock

Handlebar: 159 Augusta Ave.

If you are an indie rock lover, like myself, then Handlebar is a good place for you to drink and vibe with your favorite tunes. Located in Kensington Market, this is a hip, and indie bar that is not for those with fancy tastes. So if you are into a small, more intimate environment then this is the place for you.


9. Karaoke


Bar + Karaoke Lounge: 360 Yonge St.

While karaoke is not a genre of music, it is a favorite weekend activity to pair with some drinks, and what better place to let your inner Beyonce shine then to go to a bar where you can rent a private karaoke room for just you and your friends! Yes, the karaoke rooms cost money, but with the largest selection of karaoke imaginable, and full bar service delivered to your karaoke room, this is the perfect weekend activity for anyone!


10. Metal

Bovine Sex Club: 542 Queen St. W

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Finding a bar that plays metal music can be difficult, but luckily Toronto’s got you covered with the Bovine Sex Club. It is one of Toronto’s most well-known nightclub hosting the metal, punk, and rock scene. With jagermeister on tap, a rooftop patio, and a great live music scene, this bar is a necessity for everyone.


11. Motown/Soul

Stones Place: 1255 Queen St. W

If you are craving some soul music, then Stone’s place is where you should be. Stones place is unique in the sense that it is a Rolling Stones theme bar. The owner, Jerry Stone, is a Rolling Stones fanatic and has collected 40 years worth of memorabilia that is strewn about the walls of this bar. Friday and Saturdays, DJs play your favorite Soul, R&B, and Motown music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that are perfect for dancing.

12. Latin

El Rancho: 430 College St.


In the mood for some salsa, or cha-cha dancing? Well, El Rancho offers salsa lessons and a great atmosphere! With 2 floors and events Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, this is the best place to get your Latin dancing fix as well as Latin drinks and bar snacks.

13. Bluegrass

The Dakota Tavern: 249 Ossington Ave.

Yes, country and Bluegrass are similar, but The Dakota Tavern has its own unique vibe and even offers a Bluegrass Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-2. So if you want to jam to some bluegrass with your friends or have a nice brunch, then this is a place you have to visit!


14. Rock

Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret Lounge: 200 Bathurst St.

This unique bar used to be a Burlesque club, but has been transformed into a home for rock shows. However, it has kept the decor from its Burlesque days making this a unique and great spot to get some history. This bar is filled with velvet (red and black), as well as chandeliers and old-fashioned lamps. Drinks are simple yet different, and there are still Burlesque performances on Sundays! This is definitely a place everyone must go at least once!

15. Alternative

Lee’s Palace: 529 Bloor St. W


Last but certainly not least, Lee’s Palace is a great place to catch some alternative music as well as some excellent drinks. This club has two levels, a live performance area on the ground floor, and a Dance Cave upstairs so if you stop by, be ready for lots of dancing! The Dance Club caters to college students on the weekends so it’s perfect for the younger crowd. If you want your fix of Alternative music then head on down for a night to remember.

So whatever kind of music or dancing suits you, Toronto has it all and you will never be bored. Let us know what you think about the best bars in Toronto based on your music taste below!
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