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20 Online Student Discounts You Need To Know About

20 Online Student Discounts You Need To Know About

Whether you are a frosh about to start your first year at university or you are an older student attending grad school, there are many online student discounts you should definitely know about! Keep reading for 20 examples of them to save yourself some frustration and from spending too much money!

*Pro Tip

Your student email is a super magical tool that grants you access to a plethora of online discounts, so make sure to use it whenever you can!

Amazon Prime

If you sign up through your student email you can get access to Amazon Prime for 6 months. For those who live under a rock (how is that even possible?) Amazon Prime gives you benefits like free two-day shipping, and early access to daily deals.



If you’re looking to buy a powerful laptop for university, a Lenovo is always a solid option. All you have to do is select your university and sign in with your student email.

lenovo-laptop-yoga-710-14 Autodesk Software

For those in programs that require Autodesk software or for those who just want to dip and dabble (yes that’s a thing) you can get access to an entire selection of programs for free (such as AutoCAD, Maya, and Inventor).




Grammarly is an editing tool that helps you edit any form of writing. It is especially helpful when writing an essay or paper for class! Grammarly is an extremely accurate grammar checker – It instantly fixes over 250 types of errors, most of which you can’t find with Microsoft Word. You can also check your writing for plagiarism to make sure you didn’t forget to rephrase some of your thoughts! It helps make your writing clear, concise, and mistake free. Plus, you can get 30% off with your student email!



LastPass Premium

If you have trouble managing your passwords especially when your bombarded with countless accounts you can use LastPass to save, and manage all of them. Also there’s no need to worry about security since all your passwords are encrypted even to the people at LastPass. With your email you can get 6 months of LastPass Premium for free.


For those who exercise, and for those who just generally wear the Adidas brand, you can get a 30% discount off of full prices, and 15% off on products that are already on sale. This is a pretty ridiculous deal.


Adobe Suite

Adobe’s programs are notorious for being expensive, but they’re too effective to deal without. Luckily Adobe’s offered a 60% discount for students on their monthly suite plan which offers programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premier Pro.



This one’s for the Apple fanboys. Since the products you’re purchasing can be extremely expensive it’s nice to take advantage of your 10% student discount.


If you plan on buying Microsoft products now or in the near future you can get 10% off of PCs and Surface Pros. There are also deals for certain software like Visual Studio.



Using your student info you can get access to multiple discounts on cameras, lenses, flashes, and printers. However, make sure you check out whether or not they have the discounted product you’re looking for here.



If you’re interested in creating your own website, and legitimately hosting it, Squarespace is a great option. (Good thing students get 50% off for the first year.)


If you’re a Mac user, and need to run a program that’s only on Windows then you can download a parallel, which allows you to run any Windows program on a Mac. Using your student info, you can get 50% off.



Windows 10

If you lost your opportunity to download Windows 10 or if it wasn’t offered to you, don’t fret, you can get it for free above.




If you’re a student developer, and you’re looking for a free way to manage and update your code, GitHub is a great option. As a student you can get access to a free student developer pack.


Also if you’re a student developer, and are working on a large scale project with many people, Bit Bucket is a go-to. You can get it for free above.



If you want to have free access to multiple IDEs, JetBrains is the go-to. Just sign up with your student email, and you’ll be given access to all of their product packs, which include intelliJ IDEA Ultimate, and ReSharper Ultimate.



For those interested in more Dropbox space, you can create an additional account with your student info which starts with 2GB.

No, not me, and yes, not you. If you’re in dire need of a free domain name you can go to .me (Namecheap) and pick one up.



Solid Edge

If you’re looking to do some causal mechanical modelling, or want an alternative to AutoCAD, you can get a free student version here.


Student Price Card

The SPC is a student discount card that allows you to get 10-15% off a selection of 120 plus stores. Such as McDonald’s, Old Navy, Burger King, Pizza Hut, American Apparel, and Bath and Body Works. The sweet thing is the card only costs a one-time payment of ten dollars and fifty cents. You can also buy it from your University’s store.

What are some other online student discounts we should know about? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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