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10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At University of British Columbia

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At University of British Columbia

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With 61,000 undergraduate and graduate students, people of all ages hailing from all over the world, call UBC home. While students may come from from all walks of life, there’s still one thing they all have in common, they all go to UBC. So whether this is your 8th year at UBC or just your first, here are 10 things that will 100 percent happen to you at University of British Columbia!

1. Forget your umbrella and it’s raining

Good old Raincouver! Whether you’re living on campus or commuting on the 99, one of those days you’ll be in a rush and inevitably forget your umbrella and have to walk up Main Mall in the rain.



2. Be late for your class because you’re standing in line for Blue Chip Cookie

The Blue Chip Cookies are amazing and everybody knows it! Thats why there’s always a long line. And sometimes you just need one of those delicious cookies and you just don’t care if you’re late for Math 104.

3. You join 10 clubs the first week of school

With UBC boasting over 300 clubs its easy to get involved at UBC and find your niche.
Who also doesn’t want free food and free pens?

4. You will complain about UBC Secure not working

The UBC secure wifi is way too finicky and you can count on it not working right when you need to submit your assignment on UBC connect.


5. You will see either a movie or a TV show getting shot

UBC isn’t just a university it also doubles as movie set. TV shows such as Fringe, Supernatural, Smallville, and Battlestar Galactica to just name a few have all been filmed at UBC.

6. You will ditch class to go to Wreck Beach on a nice day

Class is important but getting your dose of vitamin D is more important. With Vancouver’s rainy weather you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the nice days and spend them at Wreck Beach basking in the sun.


7. Fall asleep in the Aquatic Centre

We’re university student and we definitely need naps! The warm air and the smell of chlorine are guaranteed to make you fall asleep.

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8. Thinking you can get from Buchanan D to CIRS in 10 minutes                

Sometimes you just have to schedule back to back classes that are a literally a mile away from each other. But you gotta get those credits though. You’ll realize its time to invest in some running shoes.


9. Take a picture at  the Rose Garden for instagram

UBC hands down has the most instagram worthy campus and the rose garden is no exception. Go get those instagram likes.


10. See more squirrels than you’ve ever seen in your entire life

For some reason UBC has a lot of squirrels and amidst all the construction they’ll still be there. After a while seeing 10 squirrels in one area will become the norm. The squirrels at UBC are so popular they even have their own Facebook page #Goals.

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