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Are you looking for the most trendy shoes in the spring-summer of 2019? We've got you covered with a list of some of the best options for this season.

10 Of The Best Of Spring Shoes 2019

It would seem as if practically everything has been already done in the fashion world of shoes: a round, square or acute-angled cape, a massive platform or figured heel. However, not everything…

College Life

10 Signs You Are A Millennial

10 Signs You Are A Millennial

The word millennial describes the young generation of people that are so active and are in their prime. For some it is either good or controversial to live in the era of millennials.…


Having open and honest communication is key to having relationships with anyone in your life. These tips can help with overcoming communication barriers!

10 Tips For Overcoming Communication Barriers In Any Relationship

Open, honest communication is crucial in any healthy relationship; whether that be a romantic relationship, a friendship, your relationship with your parents, siblings, co-workers, or even your favorite barista at Starbucks. Communication…